Let’s ‘Build’ a Deep Pantry. “Food, Part 4”

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, July 8, 2021.

Hello everyone;
A Note before I start this Article, This will probably be the last of this series for a while on the Deep Pantry.
I want to write about a few other things next, like Gardening, Building, Friends/People/Acquaintances, Security, The-Grid, Lights-Out, Maybe some fun stuff like Golf (I hate Golf, HAHAHA) and a few other things.

Anyways here we go for this week.

Empty Shelves:

Yeah Yeah, I know, here I go with the empty shelving AGAIN, but hear me out.
Of the two photos above, how many out there can tell which one is Venezuela a few years back (AND still going on) and which one is of here in the good old US-of-A last year? You do know what’s going on in Venezuela, right?

Go on; take a good hard look…. I’ll wait.

Last year there was a “Pandemic” that literally shut down the entire US and most of the world. How easily we forget huh? Not going to discuss the Pandemic, for now, BUT what happened???

PANIC and FEAR, shear all-out Panic; People were literally going out and buying (or stealing) everything and everything under the Sun even a LOT of stuff they did not really need.
Ya remember the lines just to get into the stores? How about the Price Gouging and the temperament of People? Riots, Fights, people that were actually fighting over a stinking package of Toilet Paper for crying out loud…..

Question is, were you and your Family part of them/that?
Heck of a Question huh? Think on it for a bit, did you wait in lines just to get into a store; just to find out 90% of the store was empty unless you needed some new Chairs or a set of Dishes, BTW, there were ZERO Freezers and other storage devices aka Dehydrators, Vacuum Sealers, or whatever.

I did, and the reason I went ONCE to Sam’s Club store, yes I stood in line for 45 minutes just watching people, just to see if the stories were actually true….. OMG.
Imagine a full, HUGE, warehouse-type store with 3-4 racks tall completely full, then a month later it was literally, I swear ‘LITERALLY’, 80% empty, ZERO necessities. And please remember I live near a small city mostly in the country. I could not imagine what it was like in one of those 5 – 10 million-plus cities.

PS: it’s not only the Pandemic that causes that kind of behavior, ever been around nasty winter weather, forest fires, hurricanes? How about… No, nevermind; I’m not going to list a hundred things; you know very well what happens.


A little food:

So, what do you think the person that owns this Deep Pantry was doing during all that, or any, Nation-Wide PANIC Attack?
You think they were standing in line hoping for 6 rolls of Toilet Paper and a package of Noodles?
Do you believe their Family was struggling to pay for that overpriced food that, if they were lucky, found at 3:00 in the morning as the truck pulled up to the store?
I sincerely doubt it.
I’m thinking they were staying away from crowds and keeping themselves safe/secure.

The last time you were in a Grocery Store it very well may have looked like this… Right? Or maybe not so much.
Just look at all those full shelves, just overrunning with Food and Stuff. Fantastic ain’t it?
I agree what a wonderful sight to behold…..

Nowwwww just wait a minute there, are you expecting me to believe those shelves are actually 100% full? And so organized?
Are you expecting me to believe that store has that HUGE of inventory in that single store?
If I may suggest the next time you happen to hit a Store, look for what they call “Facing” meaning they spend hours on end moving all the items to the front of the shelves AND spread them out so the shelves look full. Stores know fully well that appearance is the key to selling “stuff”. Manufacturers demand their products have the best sight appearance possible. They don’t what their products stuck way in the back of the shelf and nobody can see it. AND they want it to appear the shelves are well-stocked; AKA Lots of stuff to buy.
Take a look behind the front of the shelf, move a few cans of Beans to see what’s really behind that first row of food.
I have, it’s surprising as heck. MOST of the time there may be 1-2 more behind the first, almost never more than that. Look for yourself.
What does that matter you ask? How long will it take to empty those shelves if the JIT (Just In Time) Inventory stops for a week/month? How about ANOTHER Panic Attack of the people? Do you think those stores will be better stocked than last year?
A good friend in Florida told me right now there is a Limit on Chicken there at almost every store, One Chicken per customer per day, Also a limit on most other Meats, He also mentioned the Sam’s Club there was totally out of Sugar, Bread Flour, Yeast and many other things…. AND there is no Emergency going on there right now….. Getting the Idea?


Time to Think:

Please do yourself a HUGE favor in your struggle to comprehend/understand this rapidly changing world.

“Take Time To Think”

I have mentioned this before, “Make A Plan”, and a few other Articles.
BUT, If nothing else I would please ask each and every one of you, just find a quiet place and Think on what you’re doing. Are you wanting to spend the rest of your life “Panicked” and struggling to make sure your Family is Safe and Fed IF/WHEN something happens? Are you seriously willing to stand in those Store Lines (They called them Bread Lines during the Great Depression) for hours on end to get a few crumpets and maybe a Roll of TP? Do you really think that another “Emergency” is NOT going to happen?

OR, would you take Connie’s advice of adding to and start building that Deep Pantry? Once again, Connie has a heck of a good system to add “stuff” each week/month. She also has many MANY good “extra” things to do. Go look at the Articles in the Side Bar of her BLOG. AND Yes she has good ideas on if your just getting started.

Let me tell ya folks, nobody is coming to the rescue; the government is NOT going to be there for you, if what a LOT of knowledgeable people think is coming. I’m not going to go all “Survivalist, Hoarder, or Prepper” on ya all, but how about just take an hour to think about “What/IF” and those crazy ‘nut-jobs’ are even 10% right? Remember last year.

Yeah Yeah Yeah, “The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling” right? Maybe, Maybe not, but what is happening right now around the Country/World? Go listen to the News, and I don’t mean that M-S-fake-M stuff, Listen to some of the “Real Analyst” for a change, do some research and find out for yourselves; no need to listen to this Old Fart, you’re smart enough to understand what’s going on if you really look.

Again do yourself a HUGE Favor; find your quiet spot somewhere, get comfortable, turn OFF the Smart Phone and Ear Pods and “Take Time to Think”. Ohhhh yeah, take few Cookies and a Glass-O-Milk with ya.

PS: Lastly, go buy yourself an Extra 12 pack of Toilet Paper and maybe an Extra 24 pack of Budweiser.
Why you ask? Because if you really think on what’s going on, I mean REALLY REALLY think about what’s going on in the World, you’re going to need to visit the Outhouse after it scares the &%@# out of you and then have a few Beers afterwards. HAHAHAH, Told ya I was ‘Nuts’ LOLOL

Thank you all for reading the Articles.

I Pray that maybe, just maybe, at least one person listens and gets “Prepared”, yes I used that dreaded “P” word LOLOL

Got that Food Storage List for your Family going????????


NOOOOO!!!! This is NOT food storage HAHAHAHA
Gata keep your sense of humor people… Right??? LOLOL
Ok, I’m going to go play Golf now.
Y’all have a GREAT day.

NRP & Blue


2 Replies to “Let’s ‘Build’ a Deep Pantry. “Food, Part 4””

  1. Kellie

    Thank you NRP & Blue! Your articles and Connie’s practical information have really helped me get a good start. It does take time… hopefully we can all have enough for whatever comes. Praying.

  2. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    Thank you. So glad they are helping. I have always said if I can help at least one person be ready for what is coming I will be good and the work will be well worth it.

    Have a great day.