200 a Month, Week Goals, and Menu 8/31/21

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This picture is of an old postcard of the Teec Nos Pos Trading post that my Dad was in, It was 1962

I know I haven’t done one of these in forever, going to try and start posting it once a week again. . With inflation creeping up like it is, it is going to be more important than ever to save where ever you can. I will also be sharing where and how I have saved so maybe it will give you some ideas, also if you have any ideas on how to save please feel free to share in the comments it may be just the tip another person may need.

I will start the 200 a month at the first of next month. I am going to try and keep it at 200 even though prices are rising like crazy. It will probably take a little more thinking and planning on my part. I will include stuff for the daycare such as the lunches, snacks, breakfast, wipes, craft supplies, and such. I will add these since families with kids have to try and get these. If you are wanting to do this you may want to try 300 to 400 if you have kids. I also don’t have to buy meat since we raise our own so I think I can keep it at 200.

I am also going to post how much extra I am able to pay on my debt each month. I will have more on that in the next day or two.

The past couple of weeks goings-on.

We had two really bad hail storms which pretty much wiped out our garden. I am really upset about this really wanted /needed some tomatoes and peppers. I don’t even have any zucchini I may have to ask around to see if anyone has extra. It is a sad day when you have to ask for zucchini haha.

One of our freezers went out it is less than 10 years old so frustrating. I did catch it in time and didn’t lose very much just a few things that were on the top shelves the stuff on the bottom and middle were still frozen. I canned some of it and the rest we took out to the old home place and put in the freezer out there.

I am trying to get things ready for the music festival that we put on every Labor Day weekend. We cook breakfast for everyone Saturday, Sunday, and Monday mornings then have a big pot luck Saturday and Sunday evenings. We do cook the main dish for the potlucks. We took the camper out last Saturday evening. I wasn’t really able to get it ready so when I get out there I will have some work to do on it.

Last weekend I spent most of the weekend at my Dads’ he is wanting to sell his house before winter so my brothers and I were over there trying to go through all the stuff they have (been collecting for the 40 years they have lived there lol) and there is a LOT of stuff. We got a little done still have a lot to do.

I was gifted several bags of frozen french fries so I am canning some of them since my freezer space is pretty limited right now.

I am also starting the preschool lessons up now that school has started. I have a lot of new ideas and things that we are going to be doing. I am a little excited about some of the things we are going to be doing.

I am going to try and get a few things done this week and weekend even with trying to get ready for the festival.

Kitchen/Deep Pantry
I need to get some of the french fries canned, I also want to cut some into cubes and dehydrate. I have several heads of cabbage I would like to get canned but they will be ok if I don’t get to them this week.

I have some cream I need to get made into butter and some milk that needs to be made into yogurt.

There are a couple of other things I would like to get canned but realistically I am not going to have time.

Fiber arts
I started a doily when we were in WY so want to work on it some more. I use to make these all the time when I was younger but stopped when I switched to crocheting with yarn. The girls don’t have one that I have made so want to get one made for each of them so they have one. If I get bored with that I will work on some little girl vests I am working on.

If I have time I would like to work on my curtains for the dining room and kitchen that I have been wanting to do for a while. Not thinking I will have time but you never know.

Side business/Cactus Rose Designs
I will take the stuff to make a couple of wreaths with this weekend.

As I said above I will be starting the preschool lessons this week. I have this week planned and a rough draft for next month so need to get the lesson plan finished for next month.

I am trying to do the 75 hard. I started a couple of weeks ago but slipped a bit so having to start it over. I will be doing a beach body workout and walking. I will be taking the kids for a walk every day weather permitting.

What I am reading/listening
So I always have a few books I am reading at a time. It depends on my mood as to what I want to read lol. I have also discovered audiobooks I love these I can listen to my books while I am driving, cleaning the house, or whatever. Complete game changer. Anyhow, I only have 4 books going on right now.
Robert Jordan’s ‘Wheel of time series’ I am on book 1, “The Eye of the World” this is a reread Love these books and in November Prime is coming out with a TV series of it (so so excited about this).

You are a Badass by Jen Sincero, A self help type of book. So far it has been good.

“The Mayfair Witches” by Anne Rice I read this about 30 years ago and came across it the other day and decided I needed to reread it.

And “Tomboy Bride by Harriet Backus” It is her personal account of life in the mining camps of the west. Tomboy is a mine up above Telluride CO. I have been up there. It is on a jeep trail so reading the book I can pick out areas that she is talking about. I just started this. My Dad had been telling me about it and when we were going through stuff this weekend we came across it so I brought it home and started it I might add I stayed up way too late reading this haha.

What books are you reading?

My poor yard is a disaster, I haven’t watered any grass because of the drought I have keep the trees watered but just couldn’t bring myself to water the grass since it isn’t that important and can always be replanted. I did a little in the back when we had company but there needs to be more done. So when the kids are out playing I am going to try and do a little while I am watching them. The wind has blown in some trash that needs to be cleaned up and I need to pull weeds and a few things like that.



PB & Toast
Yogurt and fruit
Scrambled eggs
With this, we will have toast, or whatever sides I want to have with it.

Grilled Cheese
French Toast
Fish Sticks
Will have whatever kind of fruit and vegetables I have, and crackers with the soup.
For Andy’s lunch, he will have leftovers from the night before.

Andy will be gone ( he will leave early for the music festival so I will only have a few nights to cook)
Chicken Fried Steak
Potato Soup
We Will have a veggie of some sort, and bread with each meal. Friday, Saturday, and Sunday we will be at the music festival and that will be pot luck.

Andy’s Snacks (He takes a snack for the break at work) He will only be at work two days this week.
Strawberry/rhubarb pie

Kids Snacks,
Vanilla wafers

What are some of your goals for the week?