300 A Month, Goals, Menu.

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I have been having a hard time getting on here to post, the hosting company I use was having issues but hopefully it is all taken care of now.

Well our hot water heater is having issues it won’t stay lit we are going to change out the thermocouple and hopefully that will fix it. It is a fairly new water heater we put it in 4 or 5 years ago. Really don’t want to have to buy a new one right now,

The weather has been so strange we have had a little snow but a ton of rain,  we never get rain in January. Although I don’t mind it has been a little warmer then normal and rain is always better then snow.

300 a Month

Well my spending isn’t getting off to a great start. I did have good intentions though. I sent my list and 40 dollars with Andy when he went to town on Friday, so he got what I needed for the week. Well we had to replace one of the bricks in the wood stove, got it tore apart and ready to put the new one in when we saw two more were broken. Figured if we were going to replace one, might as well replace the all broken ones. Which meant I would have to go to town Saturday . Bad Bad idea, I decided since I was in town I would get a couple more totes for Katie to put some of the stuff from her room in so off to Wal-Mart I went, well I don’t know about you, but I can’t go to Wal-Mart and just get one thing. I did find a really good buy on powder sugar 50 cents for a two pound bag I got 15. I have been drinking Chai tea ( I seriously  love this stuff) I figured it would be cheaper to make my own so I had to get some cardamom and anise  ( Cardamom isn’t cheap). so between Wal-Mart and City Market I ended up spending 77.04 on top  the 40 dollars I sent with Andy.

77.04 + 40.00= 117.04    What I spent

300 – 117.04 = 182.96  How much I have left for the month. Hope next week goes better.


I has a nasty nasty bug last week so I didn’t get much of any thing done. So pretty much everything on my list from last week is back on this weeks.

I signed off FB not going to lie, I love it but I spend entirely way to much time there that I could be doing something else such as getting in an extra workout or working on the blog. I fought getting FB for a long time but finally gave in.  I do have to say I have connected with family and friends I haven’t seen in 20 30 years, so that part has been great. But it is such a time waster, and addicting, you think oh I will just get on for a couple minutes an hour later you are still there. Neglecting other things that need to be done. So hopefully I can stick with it.

I did get more  done on getting the rooms switched, has turned into a bigger project then I thought it would be but will be so worth it when done. But that was about it. So as I said last weeks list will be this weeks list

I am moving rooms around making a guest-craft room out of one of the girl’s room and turning the other in to a pantry-daycare storage room . I started over the weekend but caught a chest cold on New Year’s Eve and felt bad all weekend so didn’t get as far on it as I had hoped. So hopefully I can get it finished this week.

Work on my household notebook I am doing it a little different this year to make it more user friendly. (so it isn’t a jumbled mess lol).

Start getting stuff organized for taxes. ( fun fun fun)

In the kitchen. Need to start making my own bread again got out of the habit so hopefully I will get some made in the next couple days.

The sewing table. I am working on a quilt for Katie, have some mending to do on a couple pair of pants for Joleen, and I need to replace a zipper in Andy’s coveralls. 

These are the fabrics I will be using for Katie’s quilt.

In the Fiber basket. Joleen wanted a messy bun cap I made this one but it was a little bit to big so I need to try and make another one, continuing to work on an afghan I have started, and start spinning some wool that I have.

Daycare. I have changed the schedule up so hoping to get it implemented this week. Need to find a few more ideas for inside P.E..I did buy a little kitchen for the kids to play with, I have been looking for one for some time now and Wal-Mart had some marked down. Wasn’t what I really wanted but I figured better then nothing and the kids  are loving it.


Diet and Fitness

I have started a low carb diet I have about 40 pounds that I need to get off. I have been getting up a 5:30 so I can workout before the day gets started. I am doing the 21 day fix and really enjoy it. Seems like my day goes much better when I do this. Trying to do a workout everyday, hopefully I can keep it up.



  • Yogurt and fruit
  • waffles
  • cereal
  • cream of wheat
  • French toast

To these I will add fruit, toast or appropriate side


  • French Toast
  • Grilled Cheese
  • Potato Soup
  • Mini Pizzas
  • Waffles

To these I will add crackers, fruit, yogurt, or appropriate side


  • Barley Stew
  • Chicken fried steak
  • French Bread Pizza
  • Swiss Steak
  • Beans
  • Tacos

To these I will add an appropriate side. Potato’s, crackers, bread vegetable, or what ever I think it needs.

What are your goals for the week?

Have a great week