2018 Canning/Freezing/Dehydrating List

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2018 Canning / Freezing List

20 pints Strawberry Lemonade Concentrate

20 pints Bacon

17 pints Pulled Pork BBQ

60 pints Beef Vegetable soup

40 pints pineapples

2 gallons frozen pineapples

20 pints of pineapple juice

6 gallons of frozen strawberries

60 pints beef mushroom soup

60 pints French onion soup

20 pints caramelized onions

7 quarts green chili soup

6-quart bags frozen bananas

60 pints chicken potato soup

14 quarts beef mushroom soup

6 pounds green chili dehydrated

2-gallon bags dried orange slices

3 gallons of frozen orange slices

1-gallon orange ends dehydrated

1 gallon dried orange peels