Day Care Form

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You can go here for a copy of the Day care form

Connie’s Daycare
18300 RD 20 Lewis CO. 81327
HM: 970-882-4104 Cell 970-739-0092

Welcome to my daycare. Since this will be your child’s home away from home, I try to provide a safe, caring, home-like atmosphere for your children while at the same time providing for their physical, intellectual, emotional and social development. Please read the policies of my daycare carefully.

House Rules:
No Shoes past the mudroom. Especially if it is muddy or nasty outside

The Children will be taught by example here, to have respect for themselves and each other. They will also be taught to respect my home, property, and possessions.

No running in the house.

Any negative behavior will not be allowed. This includes but not limited to: hitting, punching, kicking, biting, standing or jumping on the furniture, throwing anything in the house, bad language, etc.

Drop off/pick up

If you are going to be late dropping off or picking up let me know as soon as possible, So I may adjust my schedule if need be.

If someone other than you or the other parent will be picking up Please call and let me know as soon as possible. I will not release the child until I hear from a parent if the person picking up isn’t on the pickup list.

At drop off time make sure that you say goodbye to your children and let them know you will be returning. Although this may produce some tears, rest assured … by the time you are out of the driveway, the tears have stopped. This also helps to make the child feel secure in that while you may leave them when you have to, you are always coming back.

At the moment you walk in to pick up, you are in charge of your child. Sometimes children will “test” to see who is really in charge. A child who has been behaved all day will suddenly bounce all over the house when the parent arrives. The respect that you show me, my home and my possessions will speak volumes to your child.

Do not send your child in “dress clothes” Play clothes only. Although I try my best to keep the children clean, even in the best of circumstances accidents happen.

Make sure your child has a complete change of clothes here at all times, including underwear and socks.

Provide your child with a summer time jacket or sweat shirt to be left here. This way if it turns a little chilly and they didn’t bring a jacket they can still go out to play. Also a hat to be left here, if they do not wear a hat every day when they come.

Do not bring your child in flip flops or sandals. Only shoes that cover the entire foot should be worn. During the summer months, I will on occasion make use of a wading pool or sprinkler. I will notify you in advance so you can provide a swimsuit or swim diaper.

During the winter months make sure your child has the appropriate clothing. This includes a jacket, boots, mittens, and a hat. If your child does not have the appropriate clothing they will not be able to play outside. If you would like to leave a hat and mittens here that would be fine.

If you would like to bring a package of diapers, formula, a bottle, change of clothes to leave here so you don’t have to bring a large diaper bag every day that would be fine.

I supply diaper wipes, and bibs,

Meals and snacks
If you would like your child to eat breakfast here just let me know. I use to serve breakfast but it got to where I would cook a large breakfast and the kids wouldn’t eat it and I was throwing a lot of food away so I don’t cook breakfast anymore unless requested. I don’t mind fixing a breakfast if I know it will be eaten. If you chose to have them eat breakfast here I will serve it between 7:00 and 7:30 just let me know.

There will be a snack served at 9:30, Lunch at 11:45 and another snack at 3:30.

We eat lunch at the table and I ask that they sit correctly, use their manners, and do not play while eating.

Sick Policy
I will notify you immediately should your child develop any of the following symptoms.

An underarm temperature of 100 degrees, or higher.

Vomiting, or diarrhea.

Any rash other than diaper rash or heat-related rash.

Should your child develop any of these symptoms you will be expected to pick your child up.

I am not willing to accept you child with any of these symptoms. Symptoms must be gone for 24 hours prior to re-admittance. By doing this we can hopefully keep it from spreading to the other children.

Prior to administering prescription medication, I must have written permission and instructions.
Non- prescription medications will be administered with written permission and instructions.

If for any reason, I need to leave for an emergency or appointment I will leave my daughter ( She is an EMT) here to look after the kids. If I am ill, or on vacation, you will need to have your own back-up arrangements available. I will notify you as soon as possible when I am unable to care for your child.

I like to be paid at the beginning of each week unless prior arrangements have been made.

I do not charge if the child isn’t here, unlike a lot of other daycares. But please keep in mind that this is my source of income, and if they are not here I don’t get a paycheck.

Please keep me updated with addresses, employment, phone number, and emergency contacts.

I am closed for the following holidays, New Year’s Day, the week of July 4th, The week of fair, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the day after, Christmas Eve and Christmas day.

I usually take a week off in October for hunting and try to take another week off at some other time. Occasionally I will take one to two days off this doesn’t happen very often though.

Nap Time
Every day between 1:00 – 3:00 we have nap time School age children do not have to nap but they do have to have quiet time. The babies also take a nap in the morning from 8:30 to 9:30. I ask that you keep visits and phone calls during this time to a minimum.

Items from Home
Your child may bring a special blanket or stuffed animal for nap time.

If they have a special sippy cup they can bring it.

Please do not allow your child to bring anything else. No toys, candy, gum, etc.
When someone brings a toy from home everyone wants to play with it, it is hard to share with all the other kids no matter how good they are at sharing.

I taught preschool for four years when I was in Texas, I try to incorporate that into my daycare. We will learn the ABC’s, numbers, colors, a weekly theme, music, P.E, and (a bible lesson time permitting). There is a daily schedule at the end of this form so you will have an idea of what we are doing.

If you have a Facebook I have a closed group for the daycare, only parents and grandparents are in the group. I post pictures and some of the things that we are doing. If you don’t want you, child, to be in these pictures just let me know and I will make sure they are not in them.

Cell Phone
You can text me on my cell phone instead of calling 970-739-0092

Daily Schedule
7-7:30 Breakfast
8:00 Sharing time we will do the weather, put our names on the board, review the
letter of the week.
8:15 outside play weather permitting.
8:30 Babies down for morning nap.
9:45 Snack
10:00 Circle time (letter chant, Rhyme, something pertaining to the theme of the
10:15 Music (will learn new songs).
10:30 outside or inside play.
11:15 start to get ready for lunch.
11:45 Eat Lunch
12:00 play
12:30 pick up and ready for nap.
1:00 Story
1:30 – 3:00 Nap (some days may be a little earlier or a little later depending on the
mood of the kids).
3:00 up from nap
3:30 Snack
3:45 Art
4:00 Activities (play dough, felt boards, shaving cream, puzzles ect.)
4:30 clean up and ready for home.
4:45 to home Movie or T.V. ( If we watch T.V. it will be on PBS and if we watch a movie it will be a G rated movie.) If your child would like to bring a movie to
share from home that will be fine as long as it is rated G.

Childs Full Name ____________________________________________
Date of Birth____________________________Age_________________
Home Phone:_______________________________________________
Work Phone:_______________________Cell______________________
Work Phone:_______________________Cell______________________
Emergency Contacts: Name and phone number ( list 2)_____________
Food Allergy’s
____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Names of other people who may pick up your child: _______________
__________________________________________________________Anything special that I may need to know:_______________________
Name of Insurance company__________________________________________
I ______________________________________, Give Connie Watkins permission to seek medical treatment in case of an emergency for the above named child if I am unable to be contacted.
_______________________ _________________
Parent Signature Date

______________________________ ________________________
Parent Signature Date