Daily Daycare Schdule

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This is a general daily schedule that we try to follow. There are some days that things change and we are not able to follow but for the most part, this is what we try to do.

6:30 – 730 Quite time and play

7:30  breakfast if they haven’t eaten at home

8:15 Share time- date, weather and song of the week.

9:00 Diaper Change, Babies down for morning nap. Older Kids outside to help with chickens, goats, and garden.

9:45 Wash up & Snack

10:00 Lessons whatever the theme is for the day. You can go to the monthly daycare schedule to see what the themes for the week are.

10:30 Exercise ( kids Beachbody) or outside play weather permitting

10:50 Play, outside weather permitting

11:45 In and ready for lunch

12:00 Lunch then play

12:45 Pick up

1:00 Storytime

1:30 Nap

3:00 Up from Nap

3:30 Music song of the week to the guitar and whatever we feel like singing.

4:00 Snack

4:15 Table play- Playdough, magnet boards, felt boards, puzzles, ect.

5:15 pick up and ready to go home.

This is what we try to do as I mentioned above there are some days we do things a little different.