Week 2, 2017 Food Storage / Deep Pantry Challenge

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This week you will want to get, 

50 Lbs flour or wheat and 1 lb yeast (More if you can afford it).

I don’t remember the exact price of flour at Wal-Mart, but I know it was right around 9.00 for 25 pounds. So a little under 20 dollars for 50 pounds. 1 pound of yeast is 5.69 at bulk foods where I buy mine. Not sure how much at Wal-Mart. 50 pounds of flour or wheat, if you have a grinder you can get wheat, if not get flour. White flour will last longer then wheat flour in storage. If you live in a place that freezes during the winter get your flour now and you can store it out in a shed or somewhere where it will freeze. Just pour in a bucket, add a couple pieces of spearmint gum, and put the lid on.  If it freezes real good for at least a few days, it will last a very long time ( I opened some flour a few months ago from 08 and it was still good). If you don’t live where it freezes you will need to put it in some Mylar bags with oxygen absorbers.  If using Mylar bags you still need to put them in buckets, this will keep varmints from trying to chew through. 1 Pound yeast, yeast will keep for a very long time in the freezer. I keep mine in the freezer and have a smaller container that holds about a cup that I fill and keep in my fridge to use. 

How are you coming along on getting in shape if you are not already there?

Are you getting the car kits put together? Don’t forget to keep putting water back.

Add a little more to you money stash, even if only a couple dollars, ever little bit helps, and it all adds up.

Have a great week.

2 Replies to “Week 2, 2017 Food Storage / Deep Pantry Challenge”

  1. Joani

    I’ve been buying things that I have found on sale continuously. As there are only two of us, sometimes I have to limit but do have anywhere from 3-4 months supply. Thanks for all you do.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks Joani,
      A 3 to 4 month supply is great, and I do understand about having to limit sometimes.
      Have a great day,