My “Different” Gallery Wall, a little Western

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Remember my cow hide I bought well I got it hung up. It was huge and barely fit my wall haha.

I did have to cover up the thermostat, but that is ok we haven’t used it in over 6 years since all we use is wood heat now.

As you can see it covers almost all the wall and almost goes to the floor.

I would of liked to move the picture on the left over a little but wouldn’t ya know that is where the thermostat is at. 


I am really liking how it looks but as I said I have been wanting one for some time now.

So would you hang a cow hide in your house?



One Reply to “My “Different” Gallery Wall, a little Western”

  1. Joani

    WOW! I never thought about hanging a cowhide but I would’t see why not. It looks like it is working for you.