300 a Month, Menu, & Goals

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Well once again I am late getting this out. I have been trying to finish up taxes, pretty much done, just need to go over and make sure it is all good “woohoo”. I also wanted to get the “Are you prepared for what might be coming” post. I can’t believe how fast things are escalating hopefully it will all level out and be ok.

I went to the home and garden show with a friend of mine this weekend. I did see a couple of ideas I may have to try in the yard. The picture on top is a little pond they had set up out there. I just love it and it looks pretty simple to put together, (just need to decide where I want it) I have pretty much all the stuff I would need to do it. And the other was the raised bed around the trees. (The pond was also in a raised bed). I think I am going to do this around two of the new trees I got at the auction.

It has been a little chilly and windy so not wanting to do much outside. The trees are all starting to bud out (I love this time of year) my tulips are all starting to bloom. I have even seen a few dandelions around, which means I better get ready so I can can some dandelion jelly and syrup. I also want to make some dandelion soap, so I need to get everything else caught up seems once I start on dandelions everything gets extra busy.

300 a Month

Not to great this week City Market had broth on sale for 50 cents a can so I got a lot of chicken and beef. They also had 18 pack of eggs for 99 cents so I got 3. Another store had powder and brown sugar on sale for 1.25 so I got 8 of each ( I can make my own brown sugar but it is nice to have a little on hand when I need it in a hurry). I also needed lettuce, milk, coconut milk, tomato paste (was on sale), cucumbers, distilled water, frozen apple juice (on sale & I needed for vinegar), olives for Andy, and the one I hate to admit. When we were at the home and Garden show there was a booth with olive oil, well I have never had really good olive oil and I tried some of theirs, well now I see what the hype is all about, this stuff was amazing they had lemon, pepper, garlic, basil, fennel, oregano and a few other infused oils well I spent 100 dollars on olive oil ( I did get 5 infused, A large bottle of regular, and some balsamic vinegar ) I looked it up and it was a 150 dollars’ worth of oil (did I mention how good they were). I also ordered some water kefir grains and a natural yeast starter.

So I spent 190.88  Like I said not a good week.

Add this to last week’s 243.14 for 434.02 for the month. Ugh

That leaves me in the hole for the month.

Add that to the 720.10 for the year 720.10 +190.88 is 910.98 spent so far this year. It leaves me 2689.02 for the year.

I will be so glad to get chickens and a garden going.


Well as I said I am almost finished with taxes yah! I just need to review than I can send them off and get on to bigger and better things.

Just hoping the weather will be nice enough to work outside this week.


This week we are the letter O, and Easter.

Diet and fitness,

Hate to admit but it has been a total flop this week. I have been eating a lot of the homemade bread, banana bread and lets be honest just about everything in sight. Now that wouldn’t be so bad if I was working out, but oh no not even been doing that. And I feel horrible , so the goal this week is to get back on track with the eating and the working out.


Got the strawberries put up. This week I want to get the water kefir and the natural yeast started. I need to start working on the rest of the potatoes, we had them covered all winter and just got them out so I need to get a bunch of soup canned up.


I got the fire pit area partially done, all the weeds raked up. I would like to till it up a little before we use it. I got a little more done on the back patio. This week I need to get the trees planted and get more of the back patio done. I would also like to get the smaller fairy garden and the troll gardens done. Also need to finish working on the new back yard addition.



  1. Cream of Wheat
  2. French toast
  3. Cheese omelet
  4. Oats
  5. Pancakes

To these I will add toast or fruit.


  1. Fish Sticks
  2. Scrambled Eggs
  3. Beef Noodle
  4. Ham Sandwich
  5. Potato Soup

To these I will add  fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.

Andy will have leftovers from the night before.


  1. Chicken Fried Steak
  2. Crock Pot Meatloaf
  3. French bread Pizza
  4. Sausage Cheese Potato’s
  5. Smothered Burritos
  6. Hamburgers on the grill

To these I will add a vegetable or appropriate side 


  1. Granola bars
  2. H.M. Donuts
  3. Cereal
  4. Animal Crackers
  5. Applesauce

Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat at break. .

  1. Chocolate Chip Cookies
  2. Cheese Cake

So what are your goals for the week?

Hope you have a great week.