300 a Month, Goals, & Menu

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300 a Month, Menu, Goals

Well a little late again getting this out.(once again). I am doing the last two weeks.

We went to a wedding Saturday before last, it was in the mountains and so pretty where it was. Joleen was a brides maid. It seems so wired that some of the girl’s friends are getting married. Seems like yesterday they were in 1st grade. They all looked so pretty. I got a couple pictures of the girls together and a couple of them with their boyfriends. 

It is still hot here but we are starting to get a few afternoon showers now. Andy isn’t too thrilled with it right now he is still trying to get hay put up and between the rain and the break downs he isn’t making much progress.

The garden is starting to do good (that is what the darn grasshoppers haven’t got). Hoping to have some zucchini within the week.

I started on my Christmas list I would like to figure out what I am doing so I can get started on it now and not have to worry about it all at once.

Katie hit a bear well actually a bear hit her, she seen it coming and stopped and the bear ran into her car. Broke her headlight and put a crack in the side of the bumper. So I need to get the insurance company called and figure out what to do. Bears seem to be bad this year the other day Andy seen two cubs when he was cutting hay. And there have been several others in the area that have seen bears, I hate when they get close to home and those cubs were just down the road so that means Mama isn’t too far behind, so I have to really keep an eye on things when the kids are out playing.

300 A Month

The wedding pretty much took up all day Saturday so I didn’t even get to the store for groceries. This past weekend I did go to the store but didn’t need much, I got some yogurt, milk, cottage cheese, eggs, root beer extract, chicken lettuce (grass hoppers ate what we had planted, have more planted),cauliflower, green beans, cherry tomatoes, ice cream, protein powder,  and mushrooms,

So I spent 64.76 and I need to add the ice cream cake that didn’t get added last time so 89.76 for the last two weeks and for the month. Add this to the year’s total of 1579.10 + 89.76 for 1668.76 for the year. That leaves me with 1931.24 for the rest of the year.  I was really hoping to have a little more left for the year by now since fall is when I buy the majority of my food.



I got some cider and red wine vinegar started, and started another 2/12 gallon jug of kombuchia,  I think that was about it for things in the kitchen.

This week I am hoping to get some yogurt made, sauerkraut started, Katie is wanting me to make her some lemon chicken, and some turmeric paste made.

Sewing table

Ugh once again I didn’t even get to sit down to it. Really need to mend a few of Andy’s pants and get the couple things mended that Joleen asked for a few weeks ago.

Fiber Arts

One more thing I didn’t get a chance to work on. Hoping to finish up Katie’s afghan this week so I can get started on Joleens (I only have 4 rows left for petes sake.).


This is where I have been spending all my time. I have the kids area almost done, I do have a couple bigger things that I can’t do until I can get Andy’s help (after haying season). I need to get started on the front yard now since I have been so busy with the back I haven’t done much with the front. I would also like to start on the center of the drive way that needs to be redone.


Another area I have been spending a little more time on. I have started working out again and I started a fitness challenge on a closed FB group (If you would like to join just let me know). It is a pretty easy group whatever workouts and eating plans you want, it is more for encouragement and help so far it is going great.

This next week I am wanting to up my workouts a little. A little heaver weights and an extra workout during the day. I really want to be a little more doable before summer is over.


We have just been outside as much as we can and with it being summer I have kids gone a lot. Still wanting to get a little bit of a weekly theme going for the kids that are here.



  • Oatmeal
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Yogurt
  • Peanut butter and toast
  • Cereal

To these I will add toast or fruit.


  • P B & J
  • Mac and Cheese
  • Mini Pizzas
  • Grilled Cheese
  • French Toast

To these I will add fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.

Andy will have leftovers from the night before.


  • Cheeseburger macaroni
  • Vegetable beef soup
  • Steak and Baked Potato’s
  • Mexican Steak

Andy will leave Friday after noon and be gone all week end I will likely have salads and chicken all weekend.

To these I will add a vegetable or appropriate side.

Kids snacks

  • Cheese crackers
  • Cereal
  • Popsicle’s
  • Fruit
  • Popsicle’s

Andy’s Snack

  • Cheese cake
  • Banana bread

Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat at break.

So what are your goals for the week ?

Have a great week.


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    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks, seems like this time of year is always busy lol. Hoping it slows down a little, but when it does I just find more projects to do lol.
      Have a great day.