300 a Month, & Goals

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Before I start I would like to ask a favor, my daughter’s (Joleen’s) boyfriend, Skylar in in Montana fighting some of the fires there, would you please keep him and all the other firefighters in your prayers.

It is starting to feel like fall here and I am nowhere near ready for fall, I have so much to get done before winter, and fall means winter is fast approaching.  

Well I am only 3 weeks behind on this, I am really hoping things will slow down just a little so I can catch up on things.

Bears have been really bad this year they have been in town and all over the place as I mentioned before one hit Katies car. And we had one in the yard the other day, this is a picture of it as it after it crossed the road as it was leaving our yard down buy the corrals

The first week end of the month was the 79th annual tristate fireman’s convention, it was in Rico Co. this year and was a blast, even though it rained very day.

The second week we just stayed home and tried to get a little work done. We got the area ready where we are putting the new shop cleaned and ready to pout the slab. They got the slab poured Wednesday, now to wait for the building then get it up.

This past week end was busy, My aunt passed away Wednesday very unexpectedly, (she was Native America) and tradition says they have to be buried within 4 days. My Dad and Mom were on their way to Houston on the truck with a load, We didn’t know if they would make it back in time but they unloaded then headed straight  home my brother met them in Albuquerque and drove the rest of the way home they got in at 7 that morning and the services started at 10 they made it, a little on the tired side though. After the services which were here we went to the graveside which was at Teec Nos Pos, (about an hour from here). I got home a 4:00 then we had a Cattlemen’s Assc. BBQ and dance to go to at 6:30. I rested a little then went with Andy to change water, then home to get ready to go. It was a lot of fun we weren’t going to stay very long but the band was really good so we stayed till late, then came home and started watching a movie that was on T.V. so a very very late night. Then Sunday I was beat between the extreme heat out at Teec. and staying up late I didn’t get much done.


Some of the wild horses that are on my aunts place there must be 50 of them they are really starting to be a problem, pretty soon there won’t be enough feed for the goats.

300 a Month

This is for the last 3 weeks, The first weekend we were at Tristate so I didn’t get to town at all (good way to save money),so the last two week I have bought 80 pounds of potatoes, 2 cases of green chilies, 4 cases of peaches, lettuce, 3 flats of strawberries, several frozen veggies that were on sale ( will dehydrate these) Cheese, mushrooms that were on clearance, macaroni, butter, bananas, juice (for dried zucchinis ) ,eggs,2 corn brooms, chili powder butter extract chicken breast, activated charcoal,  tea and coffee. So I spent 287.64 for the month add this to the year’s total of 1710.73 for a total of 1998.37 so this leaves me with 12.36 for the month and 1601.63 for the year. Have a feeling this is going to be close this year having to buy eggs and lettuce has kind of hurt this year.

I am getting a milk goat, as soon as I get a pen ready for her I will bring her home. And my chickens should be about ready. It is going to be nice to have my own milk and eggs. When I get these my new goal is to only go to town once a month.



I dehydrated several bags of frozen vegetable, also got 4 flats of strawberry’s  dehydrated, and one dehydrator load of dried pineapple zucchini.

I have to get the two cases of green chilies done, the 4 cases of peaches canned, I want to can some green chili soup with the chilies and potatoes, zucchini dried and canned. I should be getting some beef fat this week and I will need to get it rendered down as soon as I get it. And I need to make some laundry soap I am almost out. That is all stuff that pretty much has to be done.

Sewing table,

I did manage to find time to mend one of Joleens work shirts but that was about it.

I have got to find some time to mend some of Andy’s pants or he is going to be down to nothing.


Got the front and back mowed finally with all the rain we had it was like a jungle out there. I also got my compost pile started again.

I want to get my area done where I am putting in my raised garden, only we are going to have to dig up a hydrant that is leaking right there before we can do much, then we have a bunch of sage brush to clear out.  Hoping we can work on that some this week. I know as soon as the shop comes in Andy is going to be busy getting that put up so I need to get everything done now that I am going to need his help on.

I also want to get ground cover laid and mulch put down in a area in the front yard.


I have only been working out 3 to 4 times a week the past couple weeks it has been so crazy I am having a hard time getting it done. I really need to try and get it done every day, but I guess a few days is better than no days.


We have been outside every chance we get so I haven’t done any themes or anything yet. I am getting things ready to start on a schedule the first of September.


I am not going to post this this week I haven’t taken the time to sit down and put one together. Going to try and get one put together this week and get back on track with that it makes things so much easier when I have a menu planned.

Have a great week