79th Annual Tri-State Firefighters Convention

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This was so much fun this year, although they are always fun. It was held in Rico Co. up in the mountains. It rained every day but they still ran the events. The food was amazing most of the meals were pit BBQ that they cooked themselves, if you went away hungry it was your own fault they had tons of food and it was so good.

Rico is a very small dept they only have 12 members and the town is pretty small,but they did a great job of hosting.

Here are a few pictures form it.

We camped at a cousin of one of the guys on our dept, and it was amazing here is a picture of Joleen and her boyfriend in front of the waterfall and pond. They also had a fire pit that we  were able to hang around in the evening after we were done.

These are just some random pictures of the events. as I said it rained everyday so by the end of things the track was getting a little muddy.

The First Event was the one man, this was our guy.

This was our guys doing the 4 man.We placed 1st.

This was the two man event.

Ever department also has to put on a skit we did 7  minions doing the 6 man event.

This was the 6 man.

This was the non Firefighter event 4 of the wives did this one. We placed 2nd in this one. As you can see teh track is starting to get pretty sloppy and slick, a lot of sliping and falling was going on.

The two losing teams had to do a tug of war.

This was at the memorial service.

One of the classes was a helicopter class. They had several classes from a burn building, helicopter, drone, and a search and rescue dogs.

At the banquet, our guys getting their trophy for  placing 1st in the four man. I didn’t get as picture of the wives.

One of the centerpieces at the banquet, they took clear glass boots and painted them to look like fire boots they were way cool.

Next year it will be in Mancos CO which is close to here.

2 Replies to “79th Annual Tri-State Firefighters Convention”

  1. Julie

    Looks as if everyone had a wonderful time! We are used to it raining most of the time too! We had a wonderful weekend in Gloucestershire near Malvern with our RV, it rained, the Welsh called it Welsh sunshine! Thank you for sharing good fun and good times

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Thanks, It was so much fun. I look forward to this every year no matter where it is it is always a good time.
      Have a great day