How I plan to be Cleaned & Organized by September, 5th

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I have had so much going on this summer that I have completely let the house go, and it is bad as in I would just die if someone was to just randomly stop by. As I mentioned yesterday I am wanting to work at being more self-sufficient. Well I also have the daycare to tend to, animals, and making everything from scratch plus trying to keep the house clean. So I have come up with  a schedule, I will spend the next week and a half deep cleaning and organizing so come the 5th I am ready to start tending animals, milking, making everything from scratch, laundry, doing preschool with the daycare kids, gardening, preserving food, sewing and all the other things I need to do plus work on post for the blog.

I am also working on a weekly/ daily schedule to keep everything caught up once I get everything doable.

I will tackle one room a day,( I will also have to work on zucchini, and beef fat, green chilies,).

Here is my plan to get started then I will be able to follow a weekly/daily schedule a little easier.

Thursday, My Bedroom, It has been the catch all for a very long time it will be good to get it a little more doable.

Friday, My bathroom, it is very large and has a lot of extra room so it has also been a catch all ( I know who stores stuff in their bathroom? Don’t judge lol)

Saturday, I will finish up the spare bedroom pantry, I was almost done with it when I got busy with other things so I will try to finish it.

Monday, Living room, it isn’t as bad but it does need a good deep cleaning.

Tuesday, My desk area, & sewing are, I know I shouldn’t need a whole day for this but it is piled high with papers, books and a million other things. The sewing area isn’t too bad it just needs dusted and a little organization.

Wednesday, The kitchen and dining room, A lot of stuff needs to be put up and I need to clean out the fridge, wipe down appliances and cabinets, wash out the garbage can and straighten some drawers.

Thursday, Kids bathroom and Laundry room, the kid’s bathroom and laundry rooms aren’t too bad so I should be able to get them both done in a day.

Friday, Mud room, Need to clean the tops of the freezers, shoe racks needs cleaned and wash rugs sweep and mop.

I need to be all done by Friday night Saturday Morning I will go to the point for the music festival that we put on every Labor Day weekend. Andy will go out Thursday after work but I have to work Friday so I will just wait and got out Saturday morning. So hopefully I will have everything done then when I come home Monday I will be ready to start the weekly/daily Schedule, Plus preschool stuff for the daycare.

I will post my weekly/daily schedule a little later on after I have fine tuned it.



2 Replies to “How I plan to be Cleaned & Organized by September, 5th”

  1. Julie

    I too need a plan, I’ve been putting off doing anything in the house and it’s a tip, come to that with all the rain we’ve had so is the garden! I’m going to go by your example and make a plan. I used to find the busier I was the more I achieved and you sound as if you are one busy lady! Good luck with your schedule.

    1. Post author

      Thanks, I do find if I have a plan and have it written I do better not sure why lol. I do think that when I have a lot to do I get it done faster then when just a little.
      have a great day,