300 a Month, Goals, & Menu

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Oh my goodness the wind is blowing like crazy right now and trying to spit a little snow we were supposed to get snow but instead, we are getting a massive amount of wind. Katie is headed back from Phonix today and she said it was snowing like crazy in Flagstaff. I hate when she has to drive long distances all I do is sit here and worry and make her call me every time she stops haha

Friday evening we went to the community centers annual chili supper and homemade pie auction. It is so good to be able to go to things like this we have such a wonderful community. I am going to do a separate post on this.

Well, the flu found me I had really hoped it would miss me but no such luck so I haven’t got much done the last couple weeks, but hopefully, I am on the mend and can get back to getting things done.

We have started on our taxes, which I always dread doing. I keep saying I am going to get better at keeping records for the daycare throughout the year but oh no I have to wait till last minute and get it all together. Several years ago I was really good about keeping caught up on it and Andy wasn’t well I showed him how to do the quick books so now he stays right on top of it and I am the one who doesn’t what up with that haha.

Hoping to get back on track with posting more regular, Seems like I have had a hard time getting it together these last few weeks.

300 a Month

Since I am a little late in getting this started this year. I will do January first then I will do the first two weeks of February and hopefully be back on track.

I spent a total of 108.28 in January, a few of the things I had to get were four 3 pd bags of frozen green chili’s I am using them in my soups that I am canning and I dehydrated 2 of the bags ( I wanted to save what I have canned to use through out the year), I also had to buy a few loaves of bread for the daycare kids ( I got a little behind on making bread ) a head of lettuce, ( have to figure out how to get it to grow in the house and start growing sprouts), a #10 can size of green beans ( I will use these in the beef vegetable soup I am going to can), Bananas, maccaroni, cheese, and sour cream.

So I spent 108.28 in January that leaves me 191.72 for the month. So 108.28 for the year from 3600 is 3491.72 left for the year.

For the first two weeks of February, I have bought bananas, chai tea bags, butter, bread, ravioli’s,
chipotle peppers, T.P., macaroni, oven cleaner, Motrin, and tater tots. I have spent 31.29 so far for the month I have 268.71 left for the month and 3460.43 left for the year.


As I mentioned above besides being sick, I have been working on taxes and also on stuff for the fair board, we want to try and have a concert this year so I have been trying to get that all figured out.
So with that and the daycare, I haven’t gotten much else done. This past week but hoping I can get back on track now so for this coming week these are the things I am hoping to get done.


I need to get the potatoes finished up so I am wanting to can some green chili soup, beef vegetable soup and a base for potato soup.
I have started making bread again and I want to get a sourdough starter started this week. Figure I will be doing good to get that all done this week.

Sewing Table

I am wanting to work on Katie and Joleen’s quilts. I have the top done for Katie’s and some of Joleen’s cut out so I want to get the rest cut out and get started putting it together. I really want to hurry and get these done so I can start on a brand quilt, I have been wanting to do one for years and I am thinking with my new circuit I can use it to help cut on the brands for the quilt.

Fiber Arts

I am working on a crocheted rope basket which I need to work on and get finished but I am wanting to start making some cotton washcloth to sell so I will just have to see which one I want to do this week. I also want to do some spinning I have been doing a little but not enough to get good at it yet.

Yard work

If I have a little bit of nice weather when I can get out I want to get my herb garden area cleaned and start getting it doable for next year. Last year I didn’t get much done with it so it is a little overgrown and needs a lot of attention.


I stopped my workouts a few months ago ( which was stupid because I have to start back at square one now) I am going to start doing these again.


I didn’t have any guitar lessons in December and January so trying to get back on track with practicing I am so bad once I get out of the habit I have such a hard time getting back into it.


I am not going to post this here anymore since I am trying to do a separate post for that.


Scrambled eggs
Peanut butter and toast
To these, I will add toast or fruit.

P B & J
Mac and Cheese
Mini Pizzas
Grilled Cheese
French Toast
To these, I will add fruit, crackers, or something as a side dish.
Andy will have leftovers from the night before.

Tatar Tot casserole ( quick and easy since I have a meeting this evening)
Loose meat sandwiches
Chicken Fried Steak and mashed potatoes
Swiss Steak
Firemen’s Banquet will eat there.
Pork Chops

To these, I will add a vegetable or appropriate side

Kids Snacks
Goldfish Crackers
H.M. Fruit snacks
Graham Crackers

Andys Snacks
Banana bread
Cinnamon rolls
Andy takes a snack to work every day (breakfast) to eat on his morning break.


2 Replies to “300 a Month, Goals, & Menu”

  1. NRP

    Hi-ya Ranchers Wife
    Well I have to admit your “idea” of $300 a month sure sounds inviting and “should” be no problem for a household of one and a Dog-Named-Blue …… correct?
    Welllll not so fast there Missy, My problem is I work in FMN and pass by a Wally-World, a Sam’s Club, and 4 different grocery stores twice a day. NOT GOOD!!!!! And to make it worse every time I pass one of these facilities the Duramax pulls right in HAHAHAHA Go Figure?????
    Last trip to Sam’s Club would break that $300 in a single trip. OUCH
    BUT in my defense I’m trying to finish up on my second years of Deep Pantry stored foods and ‘stuff’ so no complaints here at all. . .

    Second problem, I’m a Gardener and LOVEEEEEE to can and freeze everything I can get my hands on, so Mason Jars when on sale break the bank when getting 20 cases at a time. But my ohhhhh my do they look good all stacked up full in storage.

    I’m trying to figure out how in the world you only spent $108.28 in a full month, thinking you got snowed in with 15 feet of wet snow and could not get out of the house????? Heck just my Dog Food bill is that much, remember that 120 Black Lab?

    With all that said, I really should set up a spread sheet and see exactly what I do spend and on what. May be time to become a Moon-Shiner?

  2. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    HaHa I am pretty sure all vehicles are just automatically programmed to turn into these places (in addition to Hobby Lobby lol).

    I don’t count the canning supplies in my 300 a month I figure they are in investment. I should probably call it 3600 a year since some months are more and some are less but my ultimate goal is the 3600 a year.
    Also, I don’t include animal feed Andy buys that since we can claim it on taxes ( dogs are working dogs).
    I am trying to live on my food storage and replace it when it comes on sale and it isn’t easy to only spend that much lol, I always see things I would like to buy I just have to keep reminding myself of my end goal ( out of debt and have more food storage).Also, the reason I am trying to make everything myself.

    Have to agree nothing looks better than shelves and shelves full of home canned foods.
    It really is interesting when start to look at what all you spend on.
    Have a great day