Where am I ?

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Sorry  I haven’t been posting the past couple weeks. I have been so busy with fair stuff and redoing all my daycare preschool stuff in addition to a few other things. I will be back week after next and will get caught up on everything. Have lots of fun things to share when I get back from the new things I will be doing in the daycare and some of the things we have been doing.

I also have a guest writer who is going to share her experience with evacuation from a fire area. And a new project I am working on ( just because I apparently don’t feel I have enough to do haha).

So have a great week and I will be back August 6th.




4 Replies to “Where am I ?”

  1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

    Haha I am coming back. Caught a bug or something at fair ( or just pure exhaustion, to old and fat for all the work) was bad sick for two days. Anyways working on catching up on several things will back at this in a day or two. How are you doing? We have a fire a few miles from us that has been making it super smokey at my house. About over all the fires, I do know that.
    Have a great day and I’ll be back soon.

    1. NRP

      Been doing gooders on this side the Hill.
      Let’s not talk Old ok? Retiring in 141 Days, 7 Hours, 35 Minutes and 11 Seconds, but who’s counting ???? LOL
      Then the real work starts, doubling the size of the Garden, wanting to build a 900 SqFt Root Cellar, need more water storage so thinking a 5000 Gallon Cistern, Need to finish the “Outside” Canning Kitchen, have a Beef coming that needs to be 100% Canned (except the stakes of course) totally out of freezer space.
      Also going to do a full 2 month Painting/Cleaning of the house once retired……
      Ahhhh hell, maybe I should just keep working, would be a LOT easier HAHAHA

      PS; would you please keep all this stinking SMOKE on your side of the State Line???? Heck, even the Sun is Orange during the day.

      1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

        I am sooo tired of all the smoke we live in a little draw and it just settles there every night so we wake up to smoke so thick you can hardly see out the backyard out the window. I am really hoping we can get a cellar put in this year we have all the stuff just finding the time to get it done Pretty high on my priority list but not as high on Andy’s haha hopefully I can get him to bump it up haha.
        You do know that you will be working harder after you retire then you are now, but at least it is your work and not someone else’s :). Love the idea of a cistern we need something like that but one thing at a time lol.

        P.S. After you retire and get all your doing done you could come paint my house haha don’t want you to get bored. 🙂