Quick, Easy, Cheap, Doll Dress

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Who doesn’t love cheap, easy and no sewing required? And this is even better because you are upcycling. My Mother in law showed this to the girls when they were younger ( she lived through the depression).

Everyone has a sock or two with a hole in them ( at least I hope I am not the only one:) ).  My daycare kids love these they are easy to take off and on and I love them since they really don’t cost anything,

Take the sock and lay it out.

Lay your doll next to it. Determine how long you want to make it. The opening of the sock will be the top.

Then cut the length you decided on. If you are in the heal area you will need to trim it up. Then lay it next to the doll to see where you want the armholes.

Then cut a small hole on each side for the arms.

You can see the small holes here just a little down from the top.

Then put it on your doll.

Now take the other end that you cut off ( the toe end).

Curl the bottom up a little.

And use as a hat.


Super fast and easy and the kids love them.