Meet the Newest Members of the Family

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I have been wanting some Nigerian Dwarf goats for a long time and a friend of mine was having to rehome these guys so I snatched them up. The babies are only a couple weeks old and are the cutest little things. 

The billy is registered, not that I will do anything with that. I really hadn’t wanted a billy but I think I will keep him for a while and bred my other two girls to him. The Lady I got him from thinks he throws mostly males but I will give it a try and see what I get. 

After fair, I will try and milk her a little.

I just love goats especially the babies. Andy, on the other hand, isn’t as thrilled about them haha He is more of a cow person but he puts up with my goats and is pretty good about helping me out with them.

What do you think aren’t they cutest?

2 Replies to “Meet the Newest Members of the Family”

  1. NRP

    Cute…. ok
    But I have had a goat literally eat the paint off a car door once when she got out…. I was NOT happy.

    Good to see you back ???????

  2. Post author

    haha…oh I know I have a pretty good pen this go around. Several years ago when I had a couple they would get out all the time and eat all my plants my big lilac bush looked like a mushroom they would eat all the bottom but couldn’t reach the top. They found their way to the sale barn haha.

    Hope I am back will be a little sketchy on posting the next couple weeks since I will be moving to the fairgrounds for the week this Friday.