Homesteading Savings Challenge #1

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Last month I started a Homesteading savings Challenge you can read it here. Well, I got busy and didn’t keep up with it so I am starting back at it. Since I am so busy right now I am not going to do the cost savings yet ( hope to start that soon) for now I am just going to list the things I have done throughout the week to save money.  It will be from Wednesday to Tuesday and I will post it on Wednesdays.


So for the past week, this has been what I have done to save.

  1. Line-dried two loads of laundry
  2. Didn’t go to town this week
  3. Ate all meals from my pantry even the meals we ate camping.
  4. Didn’t use the air conditioner opened windows when needed.
  5. I made a pumpkin cake with stuff I had on hand.
  6. Picked another large box of tomatoes.
  7. Picked a box of plums from one of our trees.
  8. Used Elderberry tincture that I made last year for my cold.
  9. Several bags of shredded zucchini in the freezer for bread.
  10. Made 16 large Breakfast Burritos to put in the freezer
  11. Mixed my dish soap half water half soap
  12. Made my own fabric softener

This is some of what I did this week. What were you able to do to save money?

One Reply to “Homesteading Savings Challenge #1”

  1. NRP

    Save $$$$ HAHAHAH, sorry I did exactly the opposite, made a fairly large purchase, so will need to replace that cash in the safe SOON!!!! But guess what, I paid CASH for it, not a loan, not CC’s, not borrowing a single dime….. OMG that feels just all out “right”.

    BUT, you know well that living this Lifestyle we all of us, can do well at not spending cash, as long as we keep our heads.

    STOP trying to “keep up with the Jones’s” and live within our means.

    I have to 1000% admit, I enjoy this lifestyle a billion times more than my 10 years in CA. (moved 38 years ago) I look at accomplishments and how I’m able to just sit back (when not busting my butt doing something) and I can see the world literally going NUTS these days.
    For those that don’t know what I’m talking about, maybe you should take a look around at your lives and think on where you are headed. Yes there is true happiness out there without trying to Buy yourself into it.