Frugal Challenge-What to Buy in January

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January has the best deals on holiday-related items with markdowns at 50% to 90% off of everything from decorations to candy and wrapping paper.

Produce that is in season, Broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, grapefruit, leeks, lemons, oranges, papayas, tangelos, and tangerines, pears, carrots, celery, and kale.


Holidays and events,

New Years, Watch for sales on fireworks and poppers to use on the 4th of July. And if you have someone graduating this year grab 2020 stuff now for graduation parties

Diets and fitness, Gyms usually run specials this time of year ( only get a gym membership if you plan on using it) Before you get gym membership look and see if you can do a workout program at home, Diet foods, exercise equipment, and fitness gear.

Winter health, cold medicines, vitamins, cold and flu products, chapsticks and dry skin lotions.

Super Bowl, Snack items, sodas, cheeses, crackers sandwich items, frozen finger foods, and pizza. T.V. and in-home theater equipment.

Winter White sales, Bedding, linens, towels, etc.

Clarence items, Christmas items When buying the marked down items look for wrapping paper that can be used throughout the year ( solid colors or patterned, etc). Red items that can be used for Valentine’s day ( Ribbons, candles, wrapping paper). Candies that can be eaten or chopped and used in cookies and muffins, gingerbread house kits ( you can do them now with your kids, make them up for valentines day, or freeze for next year or a rainy day project), stuffed animals ( can use for gifts throughout the year), the cologne and perfume sets in your favorite fragrances, things that you need for next year, toys and don’t forget to think outside the box.

Some toys and games will also be on clearance sale.

One Reply to “Frugal Challenge-What to Buy in January”

  1. NRP

    Welcome back Connie;
    Good start on ideas and what one should be watching for.
    If I may; a slightly countering comment.
    Just because something is “On Sale” please PLEASE have a need or use for these.
    It is GREAT to find 90% off on a set of Matching Widgets, the question becomes do you REALLY need a set of Matching Widgets?
    Here is where planning comes into play, Is Frank’s birthday coming up? Does he like Matching Widgets? Than by all means get them, BUTTTT!!!! Don’t go-a buying 1000 pair of Wool Socks if you don’t wear Wool Socks
    Plan a use for everything you spend that hard earned Green Back on.
    Again please do NOT get the Brain Fog going on just because something is “On Sale” it is so easy to see that Sale and just go nuts buying “Stuff”.
    Ask me how I know…. Want to buy a couple of pair of Matching Widgets??????