Homesteading Ranch Savings Challenge #1

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I started this last year and fell way behind on it so starting it up again. I will be doing a post very soon on my plans for getting out of debt and how much I am trying to pay off. Then each month I will share how much I was able to put towards it. I will post on Wednesdays.

This is where I will show what I have done to save money. Even if only a few pennies, It all adds up. 

I feel a very strong urge to get debt-free, I have for a while. I tried to start this last year but my income had dropped a lot and I was doing good just to get things paid much less add extra to it. Things are looking a little better this year and I am going to put everything I can towards it.

I will be doing a monthly post on how much debt I have and how much I was able to put towards it.

I will also be doing my 200 a month challenge again this year. 

I will be revisiting my 201 ways to save and will be implementing a lot of those again.

Also if you are also trying to get the debt paid down you can join me in this and if you would like you can post in the comments what you did to save money this week. By sharing maybe someone else can learn a new trick or get a new idea on how to save a little.

So this is what I did this past week to save. I am just getting started so it isn’t near as much as it needs to be.

  1. Used hot water off the wood stove whenever I could.
  2. Put timers on the dog and chicken water lights.
  3. Was gifted two bags of homemade lunch meat spread.
  4. Was gifted a pint of cream.
  5. Cooked all our meals from the pantry.
  6. Dried clothes on a drying rack in front of the woodstove.
  7. Got a load of free firewood from Andy’s work.
  8. Hung a large quilt in front of the back door to top the draft from coming in.
  9. Canned 27 pints of chopped apples.
  10. Canned 18 pints of concentrated cranberry juice.
  11. Canned 28 pints of cranberries.
  12. Found 3 pounds of mushrooms on clearance sale.
  13. Bought 18 pounds of small shell pasta on sale for 49 cents each.
  14. Found a dime on the ground.
  15. Made tea on the woodstove.
  16.  Cooked breakfast and dinner for the company instead of going out to eat.

I know this isn’t much hope to have a longer list next week. 

So what were some of the things you were able to do save some money this week?

6 Replies to “Homesteading Ranch Savings Challenge #1”

  1. NRP

    My short list of things I’m implementing to save $$$$ this week.

    1. It is the middle of January and I turned to Heating Systems off. No more Propane Heat, I have 2 wood stoves, and tons of free firewood so why the ‘help’ are the Furnaces Running?.
    2. Have made a decision to cut the “Restaurant Lunches” down to once a week.
    3. Am starting a Barter Group for stuff, I make a heck of a good Kimchee and Sauerkraut (and when the weather get nice, will get back into Brewing Beer/Wine). Doing a trade today for 1 pint each for 2 dozen home laid eggs.

    I really had a Belly-Laugh on the “Found a Dime”, what the heck; free money is ALWAYS a good thing.

    1. Post author

      All we use is wood heat, when we redid the floors I covered a few of the vents ( I left a couple for emergencies lol) then I turned off the propane heater so all we have used the past ten years is wood and I love it. We are going to redo our bathroom this year and I want to put a small wood stove in there to heat our bathroom and bedroom.

      And hey every penny counts hahaha

      Have a great day

  2. Kellie

    Wow! That’s a lot of saving! Not nearly so much for me, but a short list is:
    ~ Bought 25 lbs. organic oats for a $1/lb.
    ~ Turned off the heat and just used the wood stove in the
    ~ Making meals with what we have, only buying eggs,
    some bananas… not much at the store.
    ~ Cooked a pumpkin we had from our garden last Fall,
    and will make pumpkin bread, also roasted the seeds.

    I need to think more this way! We have drafts too and not good windows, so thinking of covering them more.
    Thanks for the ideas!

    1. Post author

      Love heating with my wood stove love the heat and love the savings lol.
      Coving the doors and windows sure makes a difference. If you don’t have any heavy blankets or quilts to use look at eh second-hand stores for some usually you can find some for pretty cheap. It is defiantly a mindset and you have to always be thinking that way lol or way to easy to slip into bad habits haha.
      Have a great day

  3. Toni (in Niagara)

    Hey lady – you did a lot! Don’t think it was “not much”. It especially takes effort and strength to make meals at home when you have company! Thanks so much for sharing all you did.

    1. Post author

      Thanks, and thanks for always stopping in really appreciate it.
      Have a great day