It is Getting Crazy Out There

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I have been sick for the past 3 or so weeks. First I got strep then when I was just about over it one of my littles had RSV and since my immune system was already down from the strep I got that also. I am just now feeling like I can do more than just the basics. So that is where I have been.

Even with being sick I have been trying to get ready for all that is going on. Last month before everything hit mainstream news I went and filled a few holes in my preps. So glad I did I never imagined it could get as crazy as it has. We are a very small town and I never dreamed we would have the craziness like some of the bigger towns.

Friday before last I needed to run into town and went to Walmart for a couple of things. I decided to look around. There were no cold meds, hand sanitizer, bleach, and Clorox wipes. There were a few packs of T.P left and everyone had some in their baskets I almost felt bad because I didn’t have any in my basket almost like maybe I need to get some haha.

I went and looked at the food side it was full and I was thinking why all the stuff that was gone and no one was getting any food, crazy. There were a few packs of T.P left and everyone had some in their baskets I almost felt bad because I didn’t have any in my basket almost like maybe I need to get some haha.

Last Friday I was seeing pictures of all the empty shelves at Walmart. I had to go in to town and feed Joleen’s dogs while she was working so I thought I would stop in Walmart just to see. I didn’t need anything but curiosity got the better of me. Holy cow I have never seen so many empty shelves. There was no cold meds, hand sanitizer, bleach, Clorox wipes, and people were finally getting food. All the food. I have never in my life seen as many empty shelves as now.

Starting next week I will be closing my daycare until things settle down some. There are a few cases a couple of counties over and I just don’t want to take a chance of getting this so we will be staying home Andy does have to work still but already had scheduled to only work two days next week.

While closed I am hoping to catch up on here and I will be going in a little different direction now. I will still be posting the weekly what you need to stock up on but now I will also be doing more how to’s, DIY’s and scratch/deep pantry cooking. I feel like it will be a very long time before things are back to normal. As soon as all the virus stuff has settled down we are going to start to see real food shortages, not just shortages because everyone is buying everything before they can restock but real shortages. As I have talked about before with all the crop losses from last fall and summer it is going to start hitting soon. Not to mention we are headed to a global depression unlike any we have ever seen.

While you are stuck at home or if still working on your days off get those gardens planned and start thinking about how to make do with less.

Stay safe.

4 Replies to “It is Getting Crazy Out There”

  1. NRP

    Hi Ya Connie, good to hear yar feeling better.
    Strep then RSV, no wonder you were down. NOT fun at all, and now all this Beer Virus stuff going on.

    OK, let’s talk “a month ago”.
    I know your serious about living the “Lifestyle” as I am.
    Like you when I first heard of this stuff coming, I did a BUNCH of research to try to find out exactly what’s going to hit…. I also review my Deep Pantry and stores. Had only a few things that I “wanted” not needed, so yeah I went ahead and filled the few missing things (can never have enough Gin).
    Since then I have seen the Country go absolutely NUTS/CRAZY!!!!!
    In the last week or two the stores here in FMN are wiped, Sam’s Club looked like those photos you see of Communist Russia. You know those Racks that are 3-4 layers high? ALL of the top racks were empty (except for Computers and that sort of stuff).
    Even the Safeway types of stores are hit HARD!!!! No Sugar, Flour, Beans, Water and OMG!!!! NO Toilet Paper.
    Food isles are totally devastated, ZERO Meats, Zero Fast foods, aka Pizza and the like. Sanitizer Wipes, even Nose wipes are GONE!!!

    Sorry people if you don’t have it by now, ya aint going to find it soon.
    What’s so dang stupid is so many have nothing in the house AT ALL.
    We often talked and read/wrote articles about just storing up “a little” and we “Lifestylers” were called all kinda of names and scorned for being so stupid to thing this could happen in the USofA.

    Ok, enough of that. Sorry Rant Over.

    Your Quote “I feel like it will be a very long time before things are back to normal.”
    I honestly believe this is going to be a very VERY long ‘event’. I’m thinking 18-24 months, at minimum. Even after that, it’s hard to say, China says their problem has magically gone away… Anyone here believe that? Look at Italy and the EU right now…. AND guess what, we are only in the Testing Mood, NO cure, NO vaccine, need I say more?

    Honestly, I see a bad a “Moon A Rising”.
    So my next suggestion, EVERYONE Plant a Garden!!!!!!
    Learn how to cook wisely, make your Deep Pantry last a few extra weeks,

    You mentioned a Global Depression, My Parents lived through the Great Depression. I always asked questions about how this and how that.
    We are headed exactly to that time again. And it seriously scares the ‘help’ out of me.
    My Friends this is a time in our lives to understand how fragile this Country AND World really are. NOT a time for Panic or Stupidity. Be smart people, Hunker Down, care for your Families and I will say it… Pray.

    1. Chaniqua

      I would love to hear some of the lessons your parents learned during the Great Depression, my grandmother lived during it as a young child but refused to even bring it up. I knew i5 was going to get bad but not this bad. I held back a little because of my old man. I’m kicking myself for it now.

  2. Chaniqua Lewis

    Hello Connie,

    I look forward to your posts on cooking from food storage. They will be helpful to many. I know there are many more like me, that don’t always comment.

    I have bought seeds. The last 2-3 weeks we have had so much rain off and on. I’ve been iffy about planting much. I decided today I will research some grow lights to start a few things in the garage. I do have a few bell peppers planted but have 2 empty 8×4 raised beds. I bought quite a few packs of seeds. I have an old printout I found year ago about how many plants to plant per the number of people. I plan to plant enough for 1-2 more.

    My husband still has to work unfortunately. I am praying that he can eventually get off. I have told him I fully support him and would rather him be home. If he decides to leave we would figure it out.

    I got sick a 2 1/2 weeks ago… felt bad for 2-3 days then I’ve just been dry coughing since then. With an earache that will not go away. I saw the doctor 2 weeks ago and they said it was the flu and fluid/stuffy ear. I’ve done olive oil in this stubborn ear. Hoping for it to pass soon. Not going back to the doctor at all lol. Just have to wait for this cough to pass.

    Thank you for continuing to post.

  3. PatW

    Hi, Connie:
    Found your site through one of the blog hops reading the deep pantry series avidly; you’re “bookmarked” now.
    Yes, it is crazy out here. I live in Ohio (at least, right now) and Gov. Dewine has his daily 3PM press conference about what he’s doing and why.
    I am stocking up and getting a project list in place. Yes, I agree with you that this will be a long recovery. My father grew up during the Depression and I hear his stories of quitting school after a car fell on my grandfather at his garage and broke both legs. Dad took over running the garage. I also pick his brain about food.
    Thanks for being out there and posting your info.