Homesteading Ranch Savings Challenge

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With all that is going on with the job losses, only working part-time and the cost of food starting to creep up it is going to be more important than ever to be able to live as frugally as you possibly can. Here are some of teh things I have done this past week to help save a little. My hope is, is to get this list a little longer each week and maybe give you some ideas that maybe you hadn’t thought of. If you are looking for more ways to save you can go here to read my 201 ways to save.

Please feel free to share the things you have done this past week. It might also give others some ideas on ways to save.

Here are some of teh things I have done this past week.

  1. Hung clothes on the line
  2. Made bread
  3. Bought strawberries on sale and canned some and froze some.
  4. Got my sourdough starter going again.
  5. Mixed and fermented wheat and corn for pig feed.
  6. Started fermenting wheat and corn to supplement my chicken feed.
  7. Staked the goats out to eat weeds a couple of days. Saves on hay.
  8. Bought 4 Rasberry plants that were on sale.
  9. Got 4 more chickens that are a year old so they are laying,
  10. Averaging 9 eggs a day.
  11. Saving coffee grounds and tea bags for the compost.
  12. Feeding the chickens and the pig’s kitchen scraps.
  13. Ate dinner leftovers for lunches.
  14.  Made Cinnamon rolls for andy snack at work.
  15. Worked on our project to get water to the house from the creek.
  16. Bought coconut butter to make my own coconut milk with.
  17. Worked on the raised beds trying to get them ready to plant.
  18. Received a free load of firewood from Andys work.
  19. Was gifted a bag of old tee-shirts to use for rags.
  20. Added more tin cans to the can ( we will take these to the scrap yard with the rest of the metal when we get enough. It doesn’t pay a lot but every penny counts.
  21. Added more aluminum cans to the can to sell.
  22. Was gifted 2 brand new white pillowcases that I am thinking about embroidering for Christmas gifts.
  23. Cut the sides out of two tractor tires to use for planters for lavender and mint.
  24. Started a quart of strawberry extract.

I think that was about it for this week.

What were you able to do to save this past week?

One Reply to “Homesteading Ranch Savings Challenge”

  1. NRP & Blue

    Hi-ya Connie;
    I must apologize, have not been online enough to comment.
    Though I try to keep up with the Dumb-Phone and reed what you have posted.
    Let me tell y-all Retirement is HARD work, I’m so busy I don’t have time to scratch my butt at times HAHAHAHA.
    So, to your article.
    I decided I have WAYYYYY to much trash to dispose of each week, and actually tore open 3 bags and dumped on the Garage Floor to see what’s all in there…
    SO I completely changed my “disposable” attitude.
    1. All paper goods go into a drum to be saved for starting the Wood Stoves come cold weather, may take a couple of drums but that’s no problem, make sure to break all boxes and bags down to “flat”.
    2. Aluminum Cans, I never saved AL cans after a bad experience at the recycling place 25 years ago, I am now doing the good old Can Crunch and tossing into a Flip Top trash can, will wait till it’s full and take them to someone who can use the money and let them deal with “recycling”.
    3. Plastics are the tough one, but I try to limit those as much as possible, reuse Zip Lock Bags at least once. The Plastics are going to be the only thing that hits the Dump, meaning I can cut my “trash” by at least 75-80%.
    4. Compost is going to get all the Vegetable stuff, and Blue is very happy to help dispose of the Meat and Stuff.
    5. All my used cooling oils are going into a sealed 10 gallon container to settle out, then will be used as fire starter again when Cold Weather hits again.

    OK, as far as saving, I’m cutting way WAYYYYY down of store bought stuff, the Garden is more than capable of the produce I need, also have decided to go all out Homestead in the next few months and get Chickens, if I can find them, and build a Rabbit Hutch.

    Anyways; enough of my ramblings.
    Thanks for the GREAT site Connie