Woo Hoo We are Expecting

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No no not me haha. All three of my goats are expecting. Which was a super big surprise.


Last October I put the billy in with my three does, he had been in there for five months and nothing. I figured he was broken since something should have happened in all that time. So I sold him mid-march. Well a couple of weeks ago I was out feeding and got to looking at them, all their bags were getting bigger. I started watching them a little closer their bags are getting bigger as is their bellies. 


I have no idea when they will kid so I am watching them pretty close and have an area ready for them. I am super excited to be able to start milking again. Really hoping for at least two little girls. I think that the little boys I get I am going to band them then really work with them so I can sell them for pets. 


I can’t wait, Not sure there is much that is cuter than little baby goats.