Homesteading/Ranch Savings Challenge

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Been super busy around here. We took a jeep trip in the middle of July then the next week we went to White Sands in New Mexico for my daughter’s wedding ( more on that soon) then two weeks after that we had to go to Wyoming for a week. In between all that been working on peaches and corn in addition to working on some daycare stuff.

Here are some of the things that I have been doing to save the last few weeks.

  1. Hung clothes on the line.
  2. Took food from home for both trips.
  3. Put used coffee grounds and tea bags in the compost pile.
  4. Added more tin cans to the can ( we will take these to the scrap yard with the rest of the metal when we get enough. It doesn’t pay a lot but every penny counts.
  5. Washed out some used baggies to reuse.
  6. Averaging about 3 eggs a day, I think the heat is getting to the chicken too.
  7. Added more aluminum cans to the aluminum can bucket
  8. Ate leftovers from the night before for lunches.
  9. Been leaving the windows are open at night so the house will be cool in the morning hours.
  10. Bought another case of peaches that were on sale to can.
  11. Was gifted a case of palisade peaches, I made jam from these.
  12. Added eggs to the water glassing bucket.
  13. Saving water from when we are letting it get warm to use for watering plants.
  14. Got two gallons of Spanish from the garden;
  15. Left some spinach plants so they could go to seed
  16. Have started finally getting cucumbers and zucchini from the garden.
  17. Feed scraps to pigs and goats.
  18. Made all the flowers for Joleen’s wedding.
  19. Decorated the cupcakes and cake for the wedding.
  20. Bought 2 cases of corn on sale will put these in the freezer for fried corn.
  21. Mowed my yard,
  22. We bought a new to us truck ( got a really good deal on it and we were needing one )
  23. Was gifted a small shed we can use for tools.
  24. Found an old wooden highchair like I have been looking for forever for only 30 dollars ( it does need to be redone but super excited about it)

That is about all I can think of right now.

Here are my fails.

  1. I ordered plain cupcakes for the wedding ( I did decorate myself) 
  2. I ordered a small cake for the wedding (I did decorate myself just didn’t have time to make myself).
  3. We bought a truck it is a good thing and a fail haha
  4. Had about a dozen eggs on the counter that I didn’t get taken care of soon enough so lost them
  5. I know there were more but all I can think of right now haha

What were your saves and fails this past week?