Wedding at White Sands

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Joleen and Skyler decided to go ahead with the wedding. It has been an off and on thing trying to decide what to do because of the Covid.

They had planned on a big wedding at White Sands in New Mexico since Skyler works there. Then with the Covid they canceled then decided to do a small one in the mountains then that fell thorough then we were going to do it in the back yard but they really didn’t want to do that so they decided to just postpone.

Then about a month ago Joleen calls and tells me they are going to go ahead and get married at White sands but it had to be small as in under 20 people. So we told no one about it. It was just going to be them getting married with his immediate family and Joleen’s immediate family and a couple of friends from the park that works with Shyler.

Then a couple of weeks before the wedding Skyler decided to surprise Joleen with a nicer wedding it was still small but we did flowers,  an arch, chairs, and decorations just like it was a large wedding. So I was scrambling to try and get everything done in time and then we had to haul it all down there. I ordered a couple of dozen cupcakes that I added sprinkles onto and a small cake that I added a cake topper and flowers to. We kept those frozen so we could get them down there.

It was a beautiful wedding there was a cloud cover that just added to it. So warning a little picture overload

This was rehearsal the night before Skyler and Danial took their break at work and we had it in the parking lot of the living quarters at the park. Danial married them.

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The guys working on the arch the day of haha. It was supposed to already be done.

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This was after we got it set up we only had 3 rows of chairs but like I said I wanted it to be as close to a big wedding s possible. We did have luminaries set up but it wasn’t dark enough to see them.

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The sign at the beginning of the walkway.

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The pathway in.

The walk down the aisle, I actually got Andy to walk without a hat. We forgot his good hat and I wasn’t about to let him wear the one he had haha.

Katie stood up for her. She had planned on 5 bridesmaids.

When I ordered the cake I assumed it would be a two-layer cake but no just one layer so I just worked with what I had.

We had a couple of tables set up with the cake and the flowers but while they were taking pictures a storm blew in and the wind blew things all around so we packed a bunch of stuff up. This was one of them before the wind storm. We had pizza for everyone to eat.

We moved the cake and champagne to the center table. By the time they did the cake and toast the storm had died down. It did bring a little rain but it was so nice and cool after it passed.

We were even able to have some lights strung up we just hooked them to a car battery.

Even got to do a little dancing.

It was a beautiful wedding and Joleen loved it. Even if it wasn’t the one they had planned  White sands was the perfect spot.





5 Replies to “Wedding at White Sands”

  1. Marybeth

    Congratulations. My oldest daughter just got married in July. We changed everything to keep it small. 22 people in total. It was beautiful and they are happy and healthy. That is all that matters.

    1. Post author

      Congratulations to you also, I feel so bad for all the brides who have had to change all their wedding plans. But they will have stories to tell their kids lol. And you are so right that they are happy a
      nd healthy and at the end of the day they are married.

  2. Toni in Niagara

    Thanks for including the wedding walk! How sweet!
    Best wishes to you and the happy couple!

  3. April J Harris

    Congratulations! What a beautiful wedding, and such a labour of love to arrange it. Thank you for sharing this happy family occasion with the Hearth and Soul Link Party!