Lower Your Electric Bill Challenge

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I am doing do a lower you electric bill challenge in my VIP Facebook group starting the 1st of December.

We will share ideas and tips on how to lower your electric bill. You will need to look at your electric bill and see what you spent last year in December and try to lower it. You can pick how much you may want to lower it. 20 dollars, 30 or quarter to a half what ever you want to try. 

If you would like to be a part just follow the link to join the “Fun Extreme Frugal Life Group”  Go here to join Hope to see you there.

One Reply to “Lower Your Electric Bill Challenge”

  1. NRP & Blue

    Hi All, here’s some of the ideas I have posted over there —–>

    1. Hi Ya Connie, not much of a Face-Booker but what the heck, I’ll give anything a try at least once.
    Here is a slight suggestion for your Electrical Bill Challenge.
    I keep my Freezers and 2 extra Refers in the Heated Detached Garage, along with a billion other things, Try turning the Heat down 10 degrees (for me that 50 to 40 degrees).
    First the Heater will not run as long, duhhhhh, BUT more importantly the Freezers and Refers will not run 1/2 as much to do their jobs.

    2. Ok, for today’s Electrical Challenge Idea…
    A good friend has a family that does not know there is an “Off” position on a light switch.
    About 4 times a day, YES even during the Day, he would go through the entire home and turn off all the lights, INCLUDING the Closet Lights.
    His solution to the problem, Install LED lights in every light in the home.
    This endeavor cost a whopping $800. Plus or minus a few bucks, now y-all are going to say OUCH that’s a lot of cash on light bulbs.
    The investment for this cost…. Wait for it….. Paid for itself in 5 months, ALL $800 worth of bulbs PAID FOR in electrical savings.
    Plus he’s a little more sane not driving him and family NUTS over “Turn the Light OFF” haggling all the time.
    So my advice, get LED light bulbs for the house, start with the most used ones and work yar way though the home as you can.

    3. Today’s hint for cutting the Electricity Bill.
    STOP letting the Brother plug in his Tesla, he sucks a 30 amp plug dry for 5-6 hours every time 😳😳😳 It was good to offer the place to stay… but…
    I do need to add, he did pay me for the usage many times over.. 😁😁😁

    4. Today’s hint for saving on Electrical Bills.
    Have you noticed the little Red or sometimes Blue light on the TV still on when you turn off the TV, how about the VCR or DVD players, Radios?
    The Computer and many other appliances are still “on” once you turn them off.
    How else would they know to “come to life” when you hit the remote?
    ALL of those appliances draw a lot of power over the year just sitting there waiting for you to use them at full power.
    Here is the hint for the day… Get a “Power Strip” or two if needed and use the Power Strip to turn off those TVs and stuff, that way they are not just sitting there burning your hard earned money….

    5. Ok Ok, another Daily “hint” on saving money on the Electrical Bill.
    Portable aka battery operated Tools are very VERY handy to have around.
    BUT they are very inefficient as far as power consumption.
    The Charging of the battery you lose about 30%, the tool itself is not as efficient as the old “Corded Tools”, Battery will lose its charge if left for an extended time, AND they are not cheap to begin with.
    My recommendation……. Have a Battery Operated Tool if you need (as I do), but look at the cost, one can buy a LOT of extension cords for the cost difference.
    PS: How many of you have an Electric Tooth Brush? Really? Just grab an old fashion TB and have at it

    6. Today’s Tip, BTW Today is Thursday 2-10-20, a good day to be alive.
    OK, for the tip:
    If you’re older or in a very low income bracket you might want to look into getting “Energy Credits” from the gov.
    I know my Mom was able to get almost 100% because of age and total income.
    Yes Yes Yes I know, this is getting money from that evil gov. but I don’t know about you all, but I have worked HARD my whole life, figure it’s time I get a very small chunk back from the 100s of thousands I paid over the years in Tax.
    Next Hint for the day, in case you did not like that first one:
    Get a few of those old, or new, Oil Lamps. No they don’t “smell” and they put off a wonderful light.
    The cost of ‘running’ them is a fraction of the cost of those 60-100 watt electric bulbs.
    It will take a few times of using these Oil Lamps, but once you get used to them, the light really is sooooooo very nice, you’ll get to hate the “normal” light.
    A word of warning, mainly to cover my butt, you MUST be careful and follow all (ALL) safety instructions.

    7. Ok, one more time just cause.
    BTW, is there anyone else out there or am I yacking at myself here????
    Today’s Energy Tip:
    Battery Chargers, WHAT you DON’T use rechargeable batteries?
    Get some, I have a preferred Brand but I don’t advertise on Connie’s Site.
    Ok, So now you have Rechargeable Batteries and need to charge them, As I said before Recharging is not energy efficient… EXCEPT if you use a “Solar Charger”, yeppers, you got it, FREE (after the cost of the equipment) recharging of all those Batteries.
    Honestly I have probably 50-60 Batteries in all kinds of stuff at one time, think about everything you have, here’s a short list.
    1. Thermostats
    2. Flashlights
    3. Remote Controls
    4. Cell Phones and WyFi Yes you can get adapters for those
    5. Cameras
    6. Radios
    7. Freezer and Refrigerator Alarms
    8. Driveway and Walkway Alarms
    Ok, you get the Idea I’m sure.

    Ok everyone there is a full week’s of Ideas, so what do y-all have?