Friday and I’m NUTS!!!!

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Guest article, by ‘NRP’…
Friday’s Fun Article 3/19/2021

Friday and I’m out of my friggen mind….
Golf; yes I’m heading out for another round of Golf today
Why you ask?

Well that’s a darn good question, but the reality is I really do enjoy the Outdoor Time playing a Round with some good friends and maybe making my Handicap Score.
And yes, it’s the most frustrating thing I’v ever done in my life, I Hate it so much I LOVE it HAHAHA

Think about it, your taking an 1.5 Inch Ball that’s harder than any rock I have ever seen, Ya set that sucker up on a 3” ‘Tee’ and hit it as hard as you can, straining every muscel in your body,with a 3-4 foot long stick that cost you $500.oo, Am I NUTS??

THAN you go chase that stupid thing, ususlly in the Brush/Rough/Lake/Hit-a-tree or in the Parking Lot somewhere OR sometimes, just sometimes it’s actually in the Fairway. The point is, Now Ya gata go walk or ride 250-300+ yards to find that stupid little thing. (BTW Riding a Golf Cart is not a whimpy way out, it’s still a LOT of exercise).

THAN smack it again, trying to get it onto the ‘Green’, why cant I just start on the ‘Green’ would than not be eaiser? Well 99.99% of the time it’s not going to actually land ‘On The Green’ so ya get to wack it one more time maybe just maybe now it’s somewhere on the Green, you know, that place where they put a little 4.25 inch hole in the ground with a Flag sticking out (remember you started 400-500+ yards away).
So now your all happy and stuff…. Right? Ohhhhh NO, you get another 3-4 foot stick out and try to ‘Putt’ that little thing 20-30 feet to that stinking little hole, YEAH RIGHT. It always comes up short a foot or five, or blast right on past 10 feet, or goes right or left, or that darn ball hits a bump and stops 1 inch short….. UGHHHHHH

Now that your ready to toss all those Clubs into the Lake (and that has happened thousands of times) So now your FINALLY ‘Sink’ that friggen litte POS Ball into that Blah Blah Blah Hole, and guess what…… you shot a 7 on a Par 4…. HAHAHA It Feels GREAT!!!!
AND you get to do it 17 more times TODAY, and probably come back in a few days and do it again…….. YES WE’RE ALL NUTS!!!!

But ya know what, it’s good exercise, you get outside, spend some time with some good friends and maybe, just maybe you are happy with you 115 score on a 72 shot Course HAHAHAHAHA But ya know, tis a heck of a lot better than sitting on my azz and doing nada….. So find someone that likes Golf and ask if you could go for a few Rounds…. It really is Fun, So much Fun I HATE IT…. LOLOLOL

Yeah, and poor ole Blue, has to stay home for a few hours, but ya know, he’s always Mad for the first 15 minutes when I get home, but after that, he’s ready for a Walk and Ball-Time….. and of course diner hehehehe
Come-On-Man, that’s NOT a ‘Ball’ Blue, and it’s to heavy for me to pick up after a Round of Golf…. Shhhhhh