Coming Shortages and the Drought

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In a FB group I am in they were talking about the coming shortages. This was what I wrote in response to it.
I really felt I needed to share what I wrote and a couple of comments.

This is more info on what Sam had to say. I don’t know if most people realize just how bad this drought is. I live in SW CO right in the middle of the extreme/exceptional drought area and I can tell you it is worse than bad our irrigation water is half what we normally get and they usually shut it off Oct. 15 this year they are shutting off July 15. Most hay fields are being turned into pastures. We grow a lot of wheat, beans, and hay.

People are selling cows like crazy because there will be no feed come fall. North of us (a couple of miles), they are only getting an inch of water (not enough for any crops). In order to qualify for crop insurance (if you have it) is to plant, which seems crazy to me because in this drought there will be no crops, but anyway they have to plant then if they qualify they have to plow it under. This is a huge waste of seed and fuel when there are shortages of both. There are already a lot of farmers and ranchers that are selling out or the banks are not renewing operating loans.

I live next to the 2nd largest reservoir in CO. It is at the lowest it has ever been since it was filled. This is where all the irrigation and drinking water comes from. Lake Powell which helps supply NV, AZ and CA with water is only 11 feet from critical and if I am not mistaken it is also at the lowest it has ever been. My Daughter is in the panhandle of TX, they are also in critical a lot of wells are drying up and that is what they use to water crops and livestock with.

And to touch on what Sam said about truck drivers, my Dad has a small trucking company and can not find drivers. He needs two and can not find them. Also he and I were talking, a lot of the older drivers are retiring or getting out altogether because of all the new mandates, rules, and taxes. So this makes the shortages even worse.

This is what a lot of use have been prepping for. I feel like there is a very small window left to top off preps. Come fall (if not before)things are going to get very ugly. Remember failing to plan is planning to fail.

These were a couple of other comments.

Georgia is in drought as well. Pecans, citrus, cotton. Many of our berries. Buy frozen and dehydrate while you can. Buy canned goods. If you have Aldi. Veggies are 49 cents a can. Don’t be obvious. Go more often.

East Texas is WET. Grain crops are failing at a rate never seen because of flooding. We have 7k acres of corn rotting in the fields because of the extreme amount of rain. Hurricane season is around the corner gang. Get this hydroponic and aquaponic set ups done!

I already posted on the CA drought. Its all politics. Two years ago they had a five year supply of water in their reservoirs. It’s gone. They drained it to the ocean to save fish. I’ve got nothing against fish. But I’d rather feed the nation. And it’s all politics. It makes no sense…This is a link that was shared with this comment

We got late Frost was probably not going to be apples and cherries in Michigan

Please if you haven’t yet go back and read NRP’s articles on a deep pantry/preparedness and the deep pantry challenges.

2 Replies to “Coming Shortages and the Drought”

  1. NRP & Blue

    Holy crapo Connie,
    Would you please email me the F-book page you got this from….

    To all others, do NOT think this is a bunch of conspiracy theories BS.
    This is actually happening right now in front of YOUR eyes.

    Think about it.

  2. Annabel Smith

    Hi I have been a reader for a pretty long time. I am in South Australia. This week 70+ meat works in Australia were shut down due to the global hack. I felt the need to prep from about 5 years ago. At that time we lived in the city. In this time we moved to the country and I just kept going. As 2020 started I felt the need to up my pantry and preps further and did. And last year we experienced shortages and empty shelves for the first time here in my life. Now I feel to do even more. Much more. Love your blog.