Week 24 Deep Pantry / Food Storage Challenge “2021”

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A prudent person foresees the danger ahead and takes precautions. The simpleton goes blindly on and suffers the consequences. Proverbs 27:12

Deep Pantry

Remember having a deep pantry isn’t just about having extra food on hand. It is also about having the means to survive in an emergency situation, having all the extra food isn’t going to do you much good if you can’t cook it when the power is out.

Don’t forget to share what you were able to do this past week to have a deep pantry/food storage. Let’s encourage each other. And if you have a question feel free to ask or if you have the answer to a question feel free to answer. If you have a tip or idea you can share that also. As I said let’s make this a place where we can share and encourage others to get that deep pantry.


20 pounds Pasta / Dried Potatoes

20 Pounds of pasta, I usually get macaroni and spaghetti noodles since it is pretty easy to make your own noodles. Wal-Mart has these for 1.00, and City Market will sometimes put them on sale for 50 cents.


Dried Potatoes, You can dry your own or buy boxes of instant potatoes, if you dry your own you can get large bags of potatoes from the farmer, or get them when on sale. ( here is how) Another easy way to dehydrate potatoes if you don’t have a cheap and easy way to get fresh is to buy frozen and dehydrate them. ( here is how)


Are you finding your shut off valves and breakers, and learning how to close and shut off them? You never know when you may need to do this, like a huge water leak, being able to shut off the water at the main could save a lot of water damage and a large water bill.

Are you finding any games, puzzles, or books? When getting books also try to get history books, the older the better. With things the way they are in the world, they are rewriting history. So have the older books so you can pass on the real histories. Here is a list of a few of the books that I have that I think are important to have.

Put back some more water. Store-bought or containers that you fill yourself.

Add more money to your money stash. Even if a small amount it all adds up.