26 Ways to Save on Gas/Fuel

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High gas

Pretty sure everyone has noticed the extreme rise in gas/fuel. It doesn’t look like it is going to start going down anytime soon. If anything they are going to keep going up. I put together a list of 26 ways to save on gas/fuel hopefully there will be something there that you may not have thought of. While some of these don’t save a lot remember every little bit helps.

1. Plan ahead before you leave home, make a plan. With a plan, you won’t be doing a lot of back and forth. Look at where you need to go and make a plan so you are not going back and forth in an area.

2. Carpool. Try to carpool whenever possible. If you live close to a co-worker try to work out a carpool, Also try to work with other parents to get kids to sports and after-school activities.

3. Combine trips. Look at everywhere you need to go to for the next couple of weeks and try to do it all in one trip.

4. Use google maps. To find shorter routes or less traffic areas.

5. Alternative modes of transportation. Use a bike or walk if you live close to your destination.

6. Maintain your vehicle. Keep your tire pressure at the manufactured recommended PSI. It has been shown that if tires are not at the correct pressure it can use more gas.

7. Use Cruise control. Curse control can help keep from unnecessary acceleration which uses more gas.

8. Go the speed limit. The slower you go the less gas you use. This is why during the 70″s gas crises they mandated a country-wide speed limit of 55.

9. Use A.C. as little as possible. The Air Conditioner uses extra gas so try to roll down the windows for cooler air. Or if possible travel before it gets hot.

10. Don’t idle. If you know you are going to be somewhere for an extended time turn off the vehicle.

11. Run errands in less traffic time. If at all possible run errands during low traffic times, this will cut down on stops, starts, and speeding up and slowing down.

12. Staycations As you are planning this year’s vacations look for fun things to do in your area instead of traveling a long distance.

13. Work from home if possible. I know some of you have been able to do and a lot are starting to return to the office, you might see if it is possible to work from home even if only a day or so.

14. Public transportation. If you have public transportation you might look into seeing if that would be a more cost-efficient way to get around. Keep in mind though that as fuel increases they will be passing the cost on down.

15. Shop once or twice a month. Try to do all your shopping only once or twice a month.

16. Freeze bread and milk. If you shop only once or twice a month you can freeze your bread and milk to keep it fresher longer. There are also ways to keep fresh produce fresh longer, I will do a separate post on that in the next few days.

17. Order online. Order online for delivery you will have to see if it is cheaper, in the long run, to do this or pick up items on a monthly shipping trip.

18. Order pick up and share with a friend. Where I live we don’t have an option for delivery if you are in the same situation you could get with a friend or two from the same area and take turns picking up each other’s grocery orders.

19. Gas rewards. Several stores and gas stations have gas rewards, get the cards and use them.

20. Swag bucks for gift cards. If you are on the internet very much you can use swagbucks and earn gift cards which you could use for gas.

21. Reduce the weight in your vehicle, Get as much weight out of your vehicle as you can. If it doesn’t need to be in it get it out. The more weight the more gas it takes to move it.

22. Fill up the first of the week. So I don’t really know if at this time this is a thing. But used to they would recommend filling up at the first of the week because that is when gas prices were the lowest. As I mentioned I don’t know if that is a thing right now since they are upping the price every few hours (or so it seems).

23. Gas buddy. When looking for gas use gas buddy to find the cheapest gas in your area.

24. Don’t go way out of your way for cheaper gas, the money you save you will just spend on gas to get there.

25. Find things to do at home. Stop eating out and look for ways to entertain yourselves at home instead of going out. Or at least cut back on outside activities.

26. Coast to stop signs and red lights. When you know you are going to have to stop coast to the stopping/red light not only will this save on gas it will save wear and tear on your breaks.

If you have any additional ideas please feel free to share.

One Reply to “26 Ways to Save on Gas/Fuel”

  1. NRP & Blue

    How do you pay for that Gas/Diesel?
    I DO NOT advocate Credit Card Debt, but buying Fuel on a CC can gain you a lot of “Points” or “Cash Back” on some cards.
    Check with your CC people and see if you get Cash Back. If not get a different Card that does.
    Than ALWAYS pay the Card off when due, do NOT save 3%-5% on Fuel than pay 20% on Interest on that CC.