Sunday Food Comparison Challenge. Peas.

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I really want to thank Blue and NRP for these comparisons, It is really good to know how some of the different brands taste and which is really a better buy.

Guest Article by “Ole Blue” May 8, 2022.

Hi All, this is Ole Blue, How about a second Sunday Food Comparison Challenge.

The idea is to compare Store Bought Foods in different Brands and compare them to Fresh or Frozen.

I know a LOT of folks out there purchase a certain Brand of Canned Food for many different reasons But let’s be honest, is the Super Brand Name any ‘better’ than the others or “Better” than Fresh?
Let’s find out.
BTW, the Old Man is a good Ginny Pig HAHAHAHA

“Popular brands of Canned/Frozen Peas”

Here we have a good old Store Brand from Safeway ‘Frozen’ and the Very popular brand Del-Monte, Kuner’s, and Le’Sueur .
First of all, Price.
Signature Brand Frozen is $1.68 per 16 ounce (1-Pound)
Kuner’s $0.99 per 16oz Can
Le’Sueur for $1.44 per 16oz Can
Del-Monte Brand was $1.49 for a 16 ounce can, on sale it is $1.00

“A look See”

Well, to be honest, those Canned Peas don’t really look so “Good” but we’re talking Peas here, right?
Sure, Glad, I’m not eating those things….
A quick comment;
The Le’Sueur are slightly smaller sized, and the Del-Monte look to be slightly “Pastier” than the others.
And amazingly enough, the Frozen ones look kinda like Peas, I mean, Green not that Yuck brownish color.

Here I drained the ‘Water” and weighed them, with a little help from “Da-Old-Fart”.

I was going to do a ‘Feel’ test again, but honestly, I did not want my Paws in that goo. So I bypassed that part of the Test.

The weight was about what I expected; all weighed about the same after draining, right at 9.7-9.8 oz each, the Frozen were still 16oz HAHAHA Remember we just got robbed 25-35% of the cost with just water.
So we lost about 5-6oz on water.

After heating them all up and cooking the Frozen I had the Old-Man do a taste test……
He was NOT happy I spent around $4 on those Canned Peas. NOT happy at all.

So here is what He said/grumbled;
The Del-Monte was like a bowl of “Mush/Paste” the Peas were very soft and actually required little to zero chewing. “Like Baby Food” was his parting comment on the Del-Monte.
The Kuner’s were a little more firm, but still like Paste, the flavor was “not good at all” very similar to the Del-Monte.
The Le’Sueur was the best of the Canned, a bit more firm, but still not what one would expect. The Flavor was much better, but not something to brag about. Again a little like Paste, but “Ok, if I was starving” was his words.
Also all of the Canned Peas seemed to be rather Salty.
Lastly, the Frozen Peas……. Well to put this short, he ate almost the entire bowl; Stating that I was to NEVER to buy Canned Peas again, period.

Well, we’re not ones to waste Food, so this is 3 days later and he’s eating a few with each dinner, begrudgingly and is still NOT happy I bought Canned Peas, but only one way to find out….. Right?

So what’s the conclusion?
If you have the room in the Freezer, store Frozen Peas, if not, I would store the Le’Sueur, yes they are a little more expensive, but at least you ‘might’ eat them if you get hungry enough…..

As a Side Note, the Old man did add a few spoons full to my dinner that night….. I ate everything in the Bowl EXCEPT the Peas…. HAHAHAHA
Heck, I’m no dummy.

Thank you all for reading my “experiments”, hope they help out some.
Life is good being a Dog here on Lighting Point, time for a short hike than a Nap.

2 Replies to “Sunday Food Comparison Challenge. Peas.”

    1. Post author

      I really feel like I am one of the few people who like any kind of peas. I am the only one in my family that will eat them haha.
      Hope you are doing good Joani 🙂