46 Weeks of Canning Challenge

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I am challenging myself to 48 weeks of canning. Come and join me. I will be sharing here what I am doing and on my new YouTube channel. I will share a link to it as soon as it is up and running. ( I am working on that right now).

I  started this on the third week of February since I had covid and the flu in January and the first week of February.

So you ask how, winter isn’t garden season? There is a lot of things that can be canned all year long. In the winter I like to can soups, meats, things that need to be cleaned out of the freezer, make jellies with the fruit in the freezer. So yes there is a lot that you can can all year long.

I do buy fruit and veggies from the store when on sale and can a bunch of them. Things that don’t grow here or things I didn’t grow enough of.

With inflation going up and things getting harder to find it is probably a good idea to store what you can, while you can.

For week 1, I canned 10 ½ pints of mushrooms that I found on clearance sale.

For week 2, I canned 20 pints, 21 quarts of chicken broth. I found 4 rotisserie chickens marked down so I used the meat, then boiled the bones with onions, carrots, and some celery from the freezer for broth. After I strained it I added some store-bought broth. I found the cartons on sale for a dollar a few weeks ago and bought several. I don’t like to store them in the cartons so I put them into jars for longer-term storage.

For week 3, I canned 18 pints of milk.

For week 4, 10 pints of Ghee

For week 5, 4 Quarts of Green Chili, 3 quarts of milk

Who wants to join me? Let’s see how much we can get put on the shelves in our deep pantries.

7 Replies to “46 Weeks of Canning Challenge”

  1. NRP & Blue

    Well I’ll tell ya what Connie.
    I’ll except that Challenge with a couple of changes.
    I’m sure I can’t find that many Canning Jars. And I’m just building my Deep Pantry for me n Blue.
    Soooooo. I’ll do 1/2 or more the amount in both home canned and store bought cans of the same stuff as you put up…..
    PLUS I’ll make a trip to make up for the first few weeks…..
    Who else is with me?????

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author


      That works, Everyone needs to adjust to fit their needs.

      Have a great day

  2. Susan Henson

    Hi Connie. I’m glad you are feeling better. How do you can your milk, how long etc. That is something I have felt the need to store as we won’t have a source of fresh milk.

    I really like you site and your unique view of things. Very refreshing!

    I found it from 2118!
    Thank you.

    1. watkinsranches@yahoo.com Post author

      Hi Susan,
      Thank you.
      I will do a post on canning milk in the next couple days, I have some I need to get canned. I do have a post from a few years ago on canning milk but I am doing it differently now. Also, I have to add it is not approved by the FDA but I know a lot of people who do it.

      Have a great day.

  3. Paradisa

    Hi Connie – Sounds like fun! I love reading what things everyone cans. Trying to can alot while we can still get it. Can’t wait to plant the garden this year. So far this year I have canned 17 pints of sausage crumbles, 17 pints of peas (bought frozen), 13 quarts of chicken for dumplings (hungarian version), 7 quarts of cranberry chicken, 7 quarts of Italian chicken, 66 pints of corned beef dinner and 6 pints of corned beef hash. Canned 7 quarts of turkey, 15 pints of turkey broth, and 16 pints of Turkey soup. Bought turkeys last november on sale for .99 lb, .89 lb., and .59 a lb. So I have been trying to do a couple a week. I cut the breast up into cutlets and freeze and then bake the carcass, take the meat off and can it, then boil the carcass with veges to make soup and broth with. This week I plan on doing another Turkey and canning a batch of meatballs in sauce. Leftover apples in the garage need to be made into applesauce too, but probably not this week.
    Walmart had canning jars at the old prices and actually had some lids too. I just stocked up on wide mouth for $3.19 – could only get 12 at a time though, every place else wanter over $5. So check it out.
    Teaching my daughter to can, can’t wait for garage sales to start, going to look for a pressure canner for her.
    Have fun canning!!!

  4. Paradisa

    I’m up for the challenge!
    So far I have canned:
    Week 1 – 17 pints Italian Sausage Crumbles
    Week 2 – 17 pints of Peas (from frozen)
    Week 3 – 7 quarts of Turkey with Broth, 15 pints turkey Broth, 8 pints Turkey Soup
    Week 4 – 7 quarts Cranberry Chicken
    Week 5 – 7 quarts Italian Chicken
    Week 6 – 66 pints Corned Beef Dinner
    Working on another Turkey this week and plan on doing meatballs in sauce and applesauce after that.

  5. paradisa

    Week 7 went a little different than I thought. My son wanted more Italian sausages peppers and onions so I canned 16 pints for him and 7 quarts for us. Did get 1 more turkey cut up and froze and canned 6 jars of turkey and broth.