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As you know I very rarely link to other blogs unless I think it is something I would really like to share with my readers and this is one of them. This is from Jacqueline at “Deep Roots at Home” I just love her blog and she is such an inspiration. This is an older post but I think it would be such a great idea
From Deep Roots, at Home, you can go here to read more about it.

I invite you to join me in making a ‘gratitude journal’ for your husband’s Christmas or anniversary gift (and your shopping is done!) starting just as soon as you can – today preferably (write it down and transfer it later). There is no time like the present to start giving the best gift(s). Thankfulness. Respect. Joy. Don’t let the ‘Liar’s Committee’ cheat you out of abundant life!
Look at the color of his eyes, notice the strength in his arms, stroke the warmth of his cheeks as he wakes up in the morning all sleepy. Look for something he does well, then jot it down.
Begin creating his BEST GIFT.
It doesn’t have to be lengthy, but remember he will read it one day. Keep your journal close by, pray, and watch expectantly for something good even if your marriage is seriously in trouble.
Here are several ‘best gift’ entries:


December 14, 2014: I see a man who works hard to care for his family, the overwhelming needs of his father, our friends and neighbors…he worked outside in the cold – without complaining – to get ready for winter. We thought Papa was dying when the weather was warmer.


December 28, 2014: Our 41st anniversary was not forgotten in the busyness of this season! He made us reservations at the Istanbul Cafe for a delicious dinner of ground lamb in cabbage leaves filled with savory spices and a side of grilled to perfection veggies. He knows what I love.


January 4, 2015: Called to pick up groceries for me and let me know he was on his way back From Papa’s.


I think this is great. I would like to take it one step further though and do one for each of my kids. I would only write in it once a week or so but use the same concept write what you admire about how they are living their lives and even add little things you would like them to know. Then come next Christmas you can give it to all of them.

I am super excited about doing this. What a wonderful way to remember all the big and little moments in their lives. Even if your children are small it would be a great way to journal their lives and leave little notes you want to share with them then when they are older such as when they graduate it would be a wonderful gift. ( really wish I would have thought of this when mine were little ).

So what do you think?  Who would like to going to join me in this?