28th Annual Bean Pickers Music Festival

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Had a great Labor day weekend. We put on our music festival that we do every year. Turned out great although we didn’t have quite as many people this year. I got out there Friday afternoon got unloaded then we had dinner with some friends that had come down for it. Had a great visit with them.

On Saturday morning we fixed breakfast for everyone. We cook it outside on a big restaurant-style grill. We cook pancakes bacon and omelets.

Cooking bacon, we go through a lot of bacon. A lot of times we will buy the cheaper ends and pieces and cook that up along with the other bacon. We watch all year long for bacon on sale then freeze it.

Working on Pancakes and omelets, we were a little shorthanded this year with cooking so one of the ladies offered to help cook the pancakes. Andy cooks the omelets and I mix pancake batter and get eggs ready and keep the bowls full of omelet fixings. I was smarter this year and chopped all the onions at home and just took them in a bag ready to go, and the green chilies were already chopped and we buy grated cheese. That way all I had to keep up on was mixing the eggs, which I do a couple of dozen at a time in a large pitcher so all we have to do is pour out onto the grill. I also mix the pancake batter in a large pitcher so we can just pour it out. 



We use the same grill in the afternoon to cook squash on, we do a massive amount lol. This year we did a big pot of spaghetti with french bread garlic toast, squash, and potato wedges on Saturday night for the potluck. On Sunday night we don’t usually have as many people so we cooked hotdogs and sausages which we deep-fried, we also heated up the leftover spaghetti made more garlic toast, and potato wedges. We had lots of good food as always. 

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After the potluck we clean up then the pickers start playing. 

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This was a little later in the evening when it had thinned out a little. 

I got a video Sunday night it is a little hard to see because they had to turn off the overhead light because of the bugs.

Monday Morning we cooked breakfast and most of the people started pulling out. A few that were left picked for a couple of hours then we started tearing down and cleaning up.  I loaded up a bunch of stuff to bring home and left about 3. Andy stayed out there so he could be there till the last people left and will bring one of the campers home Tuesday and the other Wednesday.


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