Fall Decorating Inside

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This is what I have done in the house. The kids love all the lights I don’t have lights in a couple of places yet but will add them to all the fall garlands.

This is the mantel, I will turn the pumpkins around for Halloween ( they are jack-o-lanterns)

No photo description available.

This is the top of the stove which I will have to take off when we have to start building a fire I will just move them somewhere else when that happens,

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The smaller dining room. This is one of the first rooms that people walk into when they come over since we use our back door for the main entrance.

I even decorated the chandelier.

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I can’t do a whole lot in the living room since the kids are in there and I don’t want them messing with the stuff so it has to all be out of reach for them.

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This is the little tree that I like to decorate for the holidays. I needed orange candles so I bought a couple of inexpensive ones from WalMart and spray painted them orange.

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There are a few other things but they are small and kind of random haha. So this is what I have.

5 Replies to “Fall Decorating Inside”

  1. NRP

    Looks very nice Connie.
    My idea of Decorating is wiping down the 1/2″ of summer dust off all the furniture 🙂
    Late wife was the Decorator, me…. I’m more of a “Lets cut Firewood” sort of guy….