Coronavirus and are You Prepared

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First off I am not trying to be a fear monger but I do feel I need to share this information so you have a little information on this what it is and how to prepare. While I don’t normally link to other pages I do have a few links here since I feel this is a very important subject. The mainstream media hasn’t had a lot on this yet I think their reasoning is they don’t want to start a panic by the time they really start covering this it is going to be too late to get prepared. The ones who have been following this are already getting ready that is why the n95 mask are starting to get hard to come by.

Undoubtedly you have heard of the Coronavirus by now. If not or even if you have and you want more information here a link that explains it,  and another one here.

This is from Peak Prosperity

The coronavirus is currently sweeping across China. So far, it has all the hallmarks of a potential true pandemic outbreak.While it could still (and hopefully will) be contained and burn itself out, the chances of that are slipping by the hour.

If an actual pandemic breaks out, expect the following to happen quickly:

  • Travel within and especially between countries will be restricted if not completely banned
  • Critical shortages of materials will develop, especially medical supplies, doubly especially antivirals.
  • In cities with lockdowns or quarantines, food will disappear rapidly from shelves.


China is in the process of building two 1000 bed hospitals to handle all the sick and infected. Which will be done in 6 days (Feb. 3rd). I don’t really believe the numbers that they are giving us because if those numbers were correct they would not have shut down and quarantined at last 30 major cities in China ( over 50 million people) I am of the mind that I believe what I am seeing rather then what they are telling us, ( the Chinese government has never been really good at telling us the whole truth especially on this type of thing). I have seen a few tweets and videos coming out of China that paints a whole different picture then what we are being told. One thing I saw put the number of infected at 90,000 and several thousand dead. I seriously hope that the number is wrong. But that number would defiantly account for the lockdown of the cities and the rush to build two more hospitals to handle all the infected.


They shut down and quarantined Wuhan in the middle of the night. Then there was a run on the grocery stores. From the pictures, I have seen the stores are now empty. This one of the reasons to have a deep pantry you never know when you may not be able to get to the store or if you get there there may be nothing left.

This comes from CBS News.

U.K. expert says up to 100,000 could be infected already

Professor Neil Ferguson, a public health expert at London’s Imperial College, has said there could be 100,000 people already infected with the deadly new strain of coronavirus focused in central China’s Hubei province. Thus far only about 2,700 cases of the disease have been confirmed, with 81 proving fatal in China.

“The upper bound of the cumulative number of infected people as of yesterday is up to 100,000,” Ferguson’s office told CBS News on Monday. Ferguson has worked with U.S. infectious disease experts and helped found Imperial College’s MRC Centre for Global Infectious Disease Analysis, which was expected to release more detailed modelling on the spread of the virus within a few days.

We have 5 confirmed cases here in the US now ( as of writing this). This virus has already mutated a couple of times. The incubation period is one day up to 14 and during this time you show no symptoms so by the time you start feeling like you don’t feel good you have possibly infected everyone around you. That is one of the things that make it so bad and the fact that you can be sick with it and not have a fever. I have also read that it can be passed by skin to skin contact ( this one I am not 100% sure of right now just want to pass on what I have read).

So what can you do now to prepare?

Get some N95 mask ( these you need to get asap a lot of places are already running out of them, Amazon might have some left and you can get them from the hardware stores like home depot, Wal-mart also carries them).

Elderberry syrup while they don’t know if this will help it can’t hurt and since it does help with the regular flu I think this is something that would be important to have on hand and maybe even start taking now,

Protective eyewear if you can’t find goggles swim goggles will work.

Disposable plastic gloves.

Bleach, disinfectants, and hand sanitizers to wipe down surfaces and to use on your hands when you have to go out and you touch any surfaces.

Flu meds, If this gets bad you may not be able to just run to the doctor when you start feeling bad so make sure you have plenty of flu meds on hand.

And very very important get in the practice of washing your hands after you touch any surface and do not touch your face with your hands after you touch something. this virus is very healthy and it can stay on hard surfaces for up to two weeks. Carry hand sanitizer with you everywhere and use it). When you go shopping wipe down your cart, get the wipes before you get the cart and don’t just wipe down the handle wipe down the entire top of the cart. How often do you touch the back to pull it closer?

Get at least a couple of months or more worth of food and supplies so if you are all the suddenly quarantined you will have the things you need. And if it starts to get bad you don’t have to go out.  Do this NOW once everyone starts to hear more about this and start to panic about it there will be a run on the stores so get your stuff now while you can. ( and if this all fizzles out which I pray but don’t think will happen the worst is you have a few groceries put back and you won’t have to go to the store for a bit.) Don’t forget about water if this does reach pandemic level water treatment employees may not go to work.

This virus is highly contagious get your supplies  ASAP and try to avoid crowds whenever you can. Stay home if you don’t have to get out. And if you do have to go out take precautions.

I found this after I published this but I think it is prudent to add. This comes from zerohedge you can read the complete article here.

I compiled what follows from a Series of Thirteen Tweets by physician (MD) and scientist (PhD) Dr. Dena Grayson. Emphasis is mine.

  1. Dr. Dena Grayson: Having YEARS of experience developing an Ebola treatment, I was concerned about this Coronavirus Outbreak from the outset, because this coronavirus strain is very contagious, causes severe illness, and NO treatments or vaccines are available.
  2. Dr. Dena Grayson: Unlike H5N1 “bird flu” (which does not spread easily between people) or SARS (which was spread by only a handful of “super spreaders”), this coronavirus DOES appear to spread easily between people, even after making the jump from an animal (this is not common).
  3. Dr. Dena Grayson: In addition to being highly contagious, this novel coronavirus can cause a SEVERE infection that can kill even healthy people. It’s rare to see BOTH of these (bad) attributes in the same novel virus. Usually, it’s one or the other.
  4. Dr. Dena Grayson: One way experts judge how deadly a pathogen (virus, bacteria, etc) is by the “case-fatality rate,” which is the # of deaths / # infected people. It’s WAY too early to know what this is, because it takes time for patients to succumb to the infection.
  5. Dr. Dena Grayson: Thus far, the case-fatality rate appears to be ~4%…but its’ WAY too early to know what it really is, due to spotty reporting (both of deaths and cases), and because patients are still sick and could die tomorrow, next week, etc., even if no new infections occur.
  6. Dr. Dena Grayson: Per @CDCgov, “Early on, many of the patients in the outbreak in Wuhan, China reportedly had some link to a large seafood/animal market, suggesting animal-to-person spread.” Now, many newly diagnosed patients have NO connection to the market, supporting human-human spread = BAD
  7. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov I get asked: “How will I know if I have the coronavirus?” Answer: it’s very hard to tell, because the symptoms are similar to having influenza — anywhere on the spectrum from a very bad cold to severe pneumonia with respiratory compromise.
  8. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov Although there are no specific treatments (medicines to combat the coronavirus) or vaccines, excellent supportive care, such as IV fluids, intubation (on a “breathing machine”), can help support patients while their immune system battles (and hopefully, defeats) the infection.
  9. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov In an “outbreak,” local hospitals can get overwhelmed, and there aren’t enough hospital beds, staff, ventilators (breathing machines). This appears to be the case in Wuhan, where authorities are working to build a 1000-bed (mobile) hospital in JUST 10 DAYS. This is ALARMING.
  10. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov China has a history of not accurately reporting outbreaks, so it’s hard to know exactly what is happening, especially with no free press, internet, etc. China’s massive response is VERY telling and strongly suggests that the Coronavirus Outbreak is VERY bad, especially in Wuhan
  11. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov How can you protect yourself and others? 1: Avoid contact with people who are visibly ill (even loved ones) 2: Stay home if YOU are sick 3: Cover your nose/mouth with a tissue (not hand) when coughing/sneezing 4: Don’t touch your face (difficult) 5: Wash your hands frequently
  12. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov Right now, the risk appears low in the US, with only a few isolated cases. Unfortunately, I expect that this will change, as more cases arise here, especially with global travel and how readily this coronavirus appears to spread (via droplets in the air).
  13. Dr. Dena Grayson: @CDCgov I will continue to provide commentary about the emerging Coronavirus as news emerges over time. In this Tweet link , you will find links to excellent @who and @CDCgov websites that track the Coronavirus Out

You can read pt 2 here.

9 Replies to “Coronavirus and are You Prepared”

  1. NRP

    Rancher’s Wife;
    Your article is far from “fear mongering”.
    Regarding the info being passed to the public….
    1. The MSM is might quiet, this is always an indication of something is up
    2. China is giving ‘stats’, ohhhhh sure we believe them
    3. This Virus is already in several countries including the US
    4. In the past few weeks this Virus Pandemic is developing exponential
    5. As of this Article there is ZERO Anti-Viral meds
    6. 55 MILLION people in China are Quarantined, wonder how those people are feeding and getting water
    7. 100,000 known infected, at 3% death rate…. 21,000 think about that, and all 55,000,000 in Quarantined with the 100,000 infected BTW 3% of 55million is 1.65 million
    8. A lot are saying that China is understating their percentages…..
    9. Lastly, there is (as of now) ZERO chances of containing this Virus….. ZERO
    When the News and our own .gov are quite, there is ALWAYS a reason to prepare.

    Sure hope this blows over without (insert your XYZ) but I gota very bad feeling about his one.

  2. Post author

    I to have really bad feeling about this. In the past when there has been major virus ( sares, mers etc.) they tell us about them, but this is the first time they have quarantined this many people and I have never seen large cities quarantined before. It moves fast and I believe highly contagious. The more I read about it the more I get concerned.
    This comment was on one of the FB groups I am in.

    This was posted in another group I’m in. Just thought I would pass it along. I can’t confirm if this is true or not

    Hey guys so I have spoke with a friend of mine that works with the CDC that is currently in China. He stated that they cannot make a vaccine for this outbreak it is just like the common cold that they have never been able to make it a vaccine for he said it can take up to two years to make a vaccine. He told me to follow my budget plan and going to the middle of nowhere and wait until there’s a vaccine he said we have three months before we need to put our plans in place. My recommendation to everyone is buy all the supplies you need now and get ready. I guess everyone’s worst nightmare is going to come true from what he was saying he told me to expect the worst and pray for the best. This doctor has worked for the United States Department of Defense Army Research Center and CDC since 1990 he is a world-renowned infectious disease doctor and I’ve been proud to call him my friend. He would never ever tell me to get ready to bug out if it wasn’t needed I just thought I’d pass it on I’ll keep everybody up to date with what information I get. Also, he told me not to believe the news.

    I know I am trying to keep as updated on this as I can. I did see where the CDC hasn’t updated their numbers since last Friday that is also concerning.

    Stay safe,

    1. NRP


      I’m not too sure about the 3 months, like anything that has an Exponential Growth the first few days/weeks seem to go very slow, but, like the King, the Rice, and the Checker Board, every square doubles the last, the final few “Squares” are the ones that overrun the entire situation.

      Look at the growth in the last couple of days or week, 3 months?

      I sure hope we are all wrong with this Pandemic, I just keep going back to those (current) 55 million in quarantine and wonder if China is doing a HUGE cover-up.

    1. Post author

      Pretty much everything I listed up above, If we are quarantined we will have to stay in our homes for however long it will last so make sure you have enough food and supplies to last for a while if you can’t go to the store. I would also store some extra water. If you have to go out when you come back do not wear your shoes into the house change your clothes at the door and wash immediately. And as mentioned above wash and sanitize everything even your phones.
      Let me know if you feel you need more information and I will try to go more in-depth or share a few links for more information.
      Have a great day\Connie

      1. Brenda

        Thank you Did not think about shoes and clothes. Would not be able to use our well water? Not going to the garden or freezer in the garage this could be very hard;

        A lot to think about and process.

  3. Toni (in Niagara)

    Hand sanitizer is fine for bacteria, but it does not kill viruses. Soap and water works b/c it literally makes surface viruses slippery and slide off down the drain. You can’t soap and water scrub your eyes, nose and lungs though. All we can do is do the best we can. I’m not going to crank up my anxiety meter at this point. Yes, I know it spreads before a person knows they have it, but we learned a lot from SARS. I have some faith in the system and believe the virus will become contained. A prayer for protection and mercy for those who are infected can’t hurt either.
    Stay well.

  4. Toni (in Niagara)

    Whoops- I forgot to say thank you Connie for the information. You really car about your readers and we appreciate all your efforts! Thanks!

    1. Post author

      Thank you,
      And thank you for the tip on the hand sanitizer. And yes I am not super concerned yet but do want to be prepared just in case it does get bad. ( really praying it doesn’t).
      Have a great day