Make your own Diaper Wipes & Disinfecting Wipes

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These are so easy to make and will save a ton of money. You can use these to clean the makeup from your face or where ever you would use a wipe.

I use Viva Paper towels. One of the few times I buy name brand but they hold up when wet.

Cut the roll in half. If you have an electric knife it is a little easier if not just use a large sharp knife.

After you cut it in half pull out the center core, sometimes you need to tear it a little to get it started.

Get a cup and a half of water.

Add 1 Tablespoon of Baby oil and one Tablespoon of Baby bath. I got my baby bath from the dollar store for a dollar.

This is optional a couple drops of tea tree oil and about 7 to 8 drops of Lavender. I like to add these for the antiseptic quality’s and they make the wipes smell good.

Mix all together.

Put your half roll in a plastic container with a lid, You can get this from wal-mart or just about any store for not to much. Or you can reuse an old plastic coffee can.

Pour the water mixture over the towels and you are done.

To use pull from the center. Cover when not using. These are so handy for all sorts of things. You could even make these to use on the counters in place of Clorox wipes if you have the tea tree oil in them or add a little bleach.