Fun Friday Time:

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Guest article, by ‘NRP’…
Friday’s Fun Article 2/26/2021

Well here we are, made it through (almost) another week and tis time to look to the Weekend and TODAY!

So, what are we going to do today Ole Blue that’s NOT work, and “Fun”?
Let’s check our list of Hobbies we have made. (You are making ‘List’ RIGHT?)
1. Fishing or just meandering along the River/Lake
2. Golf (I hate Golf hahaha)
3. Gardening
4. Stained Glass
5. Painting
6. Cleaning House YUCKO!!!!
7. Reading a GREAT book
8. Ahhhh so many to choose from.
OK: so being its “Fun Friday” How about a nice fishing trip along the Animas. Pack a small lunch (couple of bottles of water), fill the Thermoses with a nice Tea, get the fishing gear out, check the weather, grab a warm jacket (don’t forget the hat), Grab a few snacks for Blue.
OMG, I thought this was to be “Fun” HAHAHAH
Cool…. See ya all later, I got a Date with a School of Fish, BTW, only Catch and Release here, Cleaning Fish is too much work

Hey Dad, I got mine… HAHAHAHA