Inflation and that Deep Pantry.

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Guest Article by NRP & Blue, October 11, 2021.

Good Morning All.
Just thought I’d toss out a few words on the ‘Seemingly in my opinion’ runaway Inflation we are seeing.

So, is anyone out there seeing the prices going up?
I know I sure as heck am seeing it locally almost everywhere.
From the once a week Lunch I go to, to the Gas (Diesel) pump, to the grocery stores.

As someone that’s on a “Fixed Income” (Retired) this has me a little concerned, Can I expect my income to match the Inflation Rate? Do I expect to find a part time job to help adjust my ‘checkbook’ each month while the price of everything is going nuts? BUT that’s my situation to ‘fix’.

Let’s talk about a few things I have seen go crazy since January 20, 2021. NOT going to get into a political rant, just a good marker date.

How about we start with one that’s hitting most everyone upside the head…..

Regular Gasoline was $2.09 per gallon 10 months ago; it is now $3.39 and rising each week.
BTW that’s $1.20 increase.

A question… Why did Gas have a 20¢ increase the very day the new president was sworn in? Do they know something I don’t?

I don’t know about you, but that has taken a huge hunk of cash out of my pocket for sure, when it takes a “C-note” (a one hundred dollar bill) to fill my stinking Jeep, there is something odd there. BUT at least I can still get Gas huh?

Let’s talk Propane and Nat Gat for a second.
A lot of folks heat their homes, hot water, and cook on Propane or Nat Gas. And I do mean a LOT, even in the Cities all those HUGE buildings are most likely heated with Nat Gas, Schools, Stores, you name it, it’s probably heated with Nat Gas.

Here in the rural areas I would guess that 99% heat with Propane, you know those HUGE tanks sitting around people’s homes? Usually around 500 gallons, well last year the cost per gallon was right at $1.60, I heard that cost is going to increase a LOT this year, and ‘may’ be rationed.
Now, remember we’re talking about people’s way to heat their homes.

Anyone out there like a good/GREAT BBQed Ribeye Steak?

Personally, I LOVE the sizzle and the smell of a grilled steak, the taste is 1000 times better than a Hamburger from McDonald’s guaranteed.
So???? How about the cost on that ONE POUND going from $10.98 last year to;
Wait for it……
$21.98 a POUND!!!!!
Seriously folks over twice the cost in one year……

How about Bacon; just cause I’m having breakfast with Bacon, Eggs, and Home Grown Potatoes.
Safeway Signature Thick Cut Bacon went from $10.98 per 3 pound package to $17.98 a package…..


 Sorry folks, but that’s a bunch of BS. I know it’s costing more to produce and ship it, but really?????

How about one more just because I want to?
Ok, all you Healthy people out there that don’t eat meat. How about the cost of those Vegetables?
I can appreciate the reasoning, and I’m not here to discuss those reasons, but don’t think by any means you’r safe from the rising cost of those 3000-mile Salads by any means.
I mean a head of simple Cabbage that’s $0.79 a pound? Really, what the heck happened to $0.49 ??????
Go check the prices of a nice Salad at and restaurant, can you say $20 ????
I don’t think so, not for this old man anyways, sure I like a GRAET Salad, but not a plate of mostly lettuce for and a tomato for that kinda price.

Ok, Ok, so why the rant about prices of Food????

Do you have a Deep Pantry so you can use the stuff you have till those things go on sale?
That $17.98 a pound Bacon is right now on sale for $10.98.
AND 90% of the stuff you use goes on sale at some time or another.

Personally, I do not buy “stuff” anymore that’s NOT on sale. Even Ole Blue’s dog food; a 24 pack of wet food is $28 a pack, I wait for it onsale it’s $18, and why can I wait?????

Deep Pantry, THAT is why you might really seriously think on stocking up.

BTW, if you really think this is going away anytime soon….. Well let’s just say I have some Ocean Beach Front property for sale in Arizona.
But ask the .gov, there is no inflation…. Right?

Y’all have a GREAT Day.
Life is good here on Lightening Point for sure.

One Reply to “Inflation and that Deep Pantry.”

  1. NRP & Blue

    That Diesel that was $3.29 when I first wrote this Article is now $3.55!!!!
    That’s $0.36 in less than 2 weeks THIRTY SIX CENTS!!!!! in 2 weeks….
    Ya want to know what happened?
    Tis not that hard to figure out.
    Just look at the next $5-trillion “Stimulus Package” coming to the bank account in your neighborhood, who the heck do you think is gong to pay for that ????? A little hint (taxes) (inflation) (corruption)
    $5,000,000,000,000.oo My GOD that’s a LOT of zeros that will bankrupt the country. BTW, that will top the National Debt well over $34-Trillion Debt.
    And in my honest opinion all this started January 20, 2021.