Week in Review and Goals

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Where oh where does the time go? I can’t believe it has already been three weeks since my last week’s review. I really am trying to do better :). 

On the weekend of the 25th, we had some friends call and invited us to go dancing with them in Durango. ( I do not turn down chances to go dancing haha).  We were going to meet there around 7. I called Katie and told us we were going and she asked if we wanted a motel room. Where she works was having their Christmas party in Durango and they gave everyone rooms well she ended up thinking she wasn’t going to be able to stay and since the rooms were already paid for she let us use it. We met everyone at the Wildhorse had a blast. We were within walking distance to the Motel so that was nice. We did end up staying way later then we had planned. After Katie’s party her a few of her friends walked over to the Wildhorse so we stayed and visited with them. Had we not had a room we would have left several hours earlier, It was a lot of fun though and a much-needed getaway. We got home Sunday and I had to run to town to get a few things then I came home and finally got all the Christmas taken down.


The next Saturday I worked around the house some and then had to run to town I met Katie for lunch. Then came home and worked around the house some more. Sunday my Brother and Sister in Law had a super bowl party, She and her family are avid Chiefs fans. We went over there to watch the game. I am not a football fan but Andy is. It was fun had a lot of people and I have to give a shout out to them when national Anthem came on we all stood it was pretty cool.


Joleen and Skyler gave me a barn door and the hardware to hang in my laundry room. Skyler made the door and I absolutely love it. He came over that next Wednesday and he and Andy got it hung. I am thinking about hanging a small wreath on it.

Then on Thursday , I went to a grange meeting I am considering getting on the board ( ya know since I have nothing else to do haha).

On Saturday we went to the Cattlemen’s annual meeting. It started a 9:00 and went all day there were some really good speakers and several of our State Reperseituves were there to speak. There were several things discussed and addressed. The meetings were over a little after 3 probable the earliest in several years. Which worked out great since my Sister in Law was having a surprise Birthday party for her Dad and we were able to stop in a for few minutes. After that, we went home got chores done and fed all the animals then got ready to go back to the banquet and dance. This is one of my most favorite events of the year get to see people I don’t get to see very often, a really really good steak dinner, and a lot of dancing. I won a pair of gloves and a bottle of Vetrimician ( the good expensive brand haha) Andy won an insulated tumbler. And once again stayed way later then we should if but it was so much fun.

Katie did come over Friday evening before the Cattlemen’s to help me pick out what to wear haha. She is thinking about moving to Texas 🙁 I asked her who was going to dress me when she moves since I always have to ask her what to wear and how it looks haha.



Well about the only thing I am going to try and do this week is work on taxes Andy wants to have them done a little earlier this year rather than waiting to the last minute like we did last year.